Communicate with all your clients instantly

What lessons learned ?


90% of messages in less than 3 minutes (one screen is viewed 150 times a day)


70% of customers prefer to receive important information via SMS / IM


20% of the up-sell messages sent the morning of arrival managed receive a positive

Pricing... soft and progressive !

From 52/month

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Hotel des Grands Hommes Paris

The most of Quicktext: instantaneous: direct contact with the customer, assurance of reception of the message, highlighting the concierge service upstream of the arrival of the customer, the additional quality of service provided to our customers , Ease of use, very intuitive tool. All employees of the hotel are excited about this new communication system and use it on a daily basis.

Marie Jose Hery: Hotel des Grands Hommes Paris
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Hotel Baume Paris

Quicktext allows us to establish contact with customers before they even meet with them. Wishing to know if they need help organizing their stay, our concierge service is even more efficient! It also allows us to be able to keep the client promptly informed for any information, which allows it to be benefits taken into consideration. Le plus par rapport aux simples mails : The more compared to the simple mails: no need for internet connection.

Sylvia Harrault : Hotel Baume Paris
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Hotel Monsieur Cadet Paris

Quicktext is a real tool for instant customer relationship management, a real revolution to be closer to our customers, their expectations and thus strengthen our communication. But it is also and above all an added value, thanks to Quicktext, we have increased our additional sales: it is the "digital promotional" to make known all the services of our hotel, optimize our sales and create a direct link With the customer. You can not do without it! Thank you

Rachid Saidi: Hotel Monsieur Cadet Paris
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Hotel Villathena Paris

We have been using Quicktext for several months .... The return on investment is immediate because only the possibilities of offering up-sell in an almost automated way is an end in itself. The application allows to increase its turnover but also to adapt to the mode of communication (2.0) of our customers ... and yet we are aware of not having yet use Quicktext to the height of its full potential!

Benoit Legeay : Hotel Villathena Paris