AI-powered snippets

Or how artificial intelligence allows hotels to compete with OTAs to maximise chances to appear at the top of Google search results.

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Featured Snippets and Google FAQ formats appear on top of search results. OTA & metasearch platforms are massively using these new techniques to increase visibility and traffic.

Quicktext AI-powered snippets & FAQ maximise hotels chances to appear at the top of Google search results. Indeed the AI knows what are the questions most asked to the hotel. Let's inject these questions (and answers) into the website in the form of snippets updated in real time.

AI-powered snippets help hotels address 3 issues

  • Generate automated online FAQs. 
  • Improve SEO
  • Optimize SERP (Search Engine Result Page)


  • Manual FAQs topics are established by hoteliers from subjective considerations without any statistical validation.
  • Quicktext AI generates relevant FAQ based on the questions that customers really ask to the chatbot.
  • The FAQ order is updated every week to reflect customers current interests and take into account seasonality.


  • This dynamic AI-generated FAQ page is optimised for SEO and updated once a week.
  • Google scrolls this page frequently improving website ranking.
  • Allows hoteliers to drive additional traffic by creating FAQ pages even in languages that are not available on the rest of the website.

SERP improvement

  • Feature snippets : Allow the hotel to appear on top of Google search results on specific queries.
  • Long tail snippets : allows to associate, in Google results (SERP), the FAQ with the main domain of the hotel.
  • Additional results : Allows for more natural results in SERPs
  • Voice search : Google Voice responses also are based on feature snippets.

In all cases the ranking of the site is positively impacted. It is not a question of being first on all possible queries, but of finally being able to enter the game with OTAs.

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