3 Ways to Boost Your Hotel Sales on Instagram: Leveraging the Traveler Micro-moments

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Instagram is one of the best marketing channels for hotels to engage with customers and promote their brands. This particular social network offers hotels the opportunity to be present and useful during travelers’ micro-moments shaping their buying behavior.

Traveler’s micro-moments, aka the 4 stages of the customer journey as described by “ThinkWithGoogle“.

  • I want to get away moments: This is the dreaming stage where the travel starts looking for inspiration.
  • Time to make a plan moments: Traveler start planning their destination, dates, and hotel stay.
  • Let’s book it moments: The ideal destination is picked and now the traveler is ready to book.
  • Can’t wait to explore” moments: All set. Traveler can’t wait to enjoy the trip, they tell everyone about it!

Micro-moments as described by Think With Google

Hotels that leverage the traveler micro-moments on Instagram can influence the customer booking decision, boosting their conversions and hotel direct sales. Let’s find out how !

Go Reel during “I want-to-get-away” moments

Instagram Reels is the real deal for hotels to boost their visibility and direct sales.

This 60-second video feature increases the discoverability of the hotel on the Explore page, helping them gain more visibility and new leads.

Your Reels should make your viewers feel inspired, curious, and eager to book.

It does not have to be complicated: film the most beautiful hotel parts and views to make your potential guests crave a stay at your hotel.

As an example, Alila Villas in Bali shares Reels of their breathtaking views that cater to their customers in their I-want-to-get-away moments.

Be helpful during the traveler planning stage

Now is the time for travelers to start planning their trip.

Once your hotel has captured the attention and inspiration of customers, it’s time to help them in their research and planning stage.

First and foremost, your Instagram feed should show consistent, high-quality visual content that clearly conveys what your hotel offers.

When customers reach your brand with questions and queries, it’s crucial to be proactive and resolve their queries instantly. It’s time to turn customer engagement into a booking.

On average hotels take more than 72h to respond to customer messages on Instagram. Slow responses hinder customer engagement but also sales opportunities

So, how can you make sure to hold faster conversations with your potential customers and resolve their queries instantly?

Connecting your Instagram Messages with an AI-powered chatbot for hotels is one the best ways to never miss a direct booking opportunity on Instagram Messages ever again.

Great news! Quicktext now integrates with Instagram !

Velma, our AI Hotel chatbot, will amplify your hotel’s ability to keep your customers engaged by answering their questions and booking queries instantly, around the clock, and without having to leave the Instagram app.

Velma speaks more than 26 languages and is available 24/7, so this caters to your foreign travelers.

The planning phase is where customers make up their minds about their hotel destination. 

So, you need to seize it to influence their decision and convert them.

Automation that converts booking

Your customers are ready to finalize their booking.

While answering customer queries on Instagram Messages, Velma will generate a booking in real-time based on the customer preference: Relevant quote, room availability, dates, etc.

Connected to most hotel booking engines, Velma will guide the potential customer through the booking process.

Hotels that leverage Velma will not miss any booking opportunity, helping them boost their direct sales and revenue.

Velma, our AI chatbot for hotels will answer customer questions instantly on Instagram Messages and generates a booking in real-time.

Quicktext & Instagram Messenger Powerful Integration

This integration will help your hotel unlock new conversion opportunities on Instagram:

  • Improve your guest experience: Velma reduces your answer time from 72h+ (average response time) to a fraction of a second.
  • Increase your direct bookings: Connected to most hotel booking engines, Quicktext will capture your customer requests and automatically generate a booking.
  • Save work hours and improve productivity: Customer questions are usually repetitive and can be easily automated. Velma will save your staff hours of work every day while improving your hotel productivity.

Instagram is a great new addition to Quicktext, which already covers integration with the hotel’s Website chat, Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, Google Business chat, Booking.com messages, and WeChat.

Now you know. Instagram is the perfect medium for hotels to be present during these moments and influence their purchase decision. Seizing traveler micro-moments will not only drive hotel direct sales but also improve customer engagement and brand loyalty.

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