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Group Hotel Paris Rive Gauche is a collection of seven distinctive boutique hotels located on the famed left bank of the river Seine in Paris. Odéon, the Jardin du Luxembourg, the Sorbonne, the Panthéon, Saint Sulpice, Cherche-Midi, Saint-André des Arts… All these lively, authentic, historical neighborhoods, the birthplace of Parisian culture, are close to these establishments.

Showcasing two hotels from their collection : 

Valérie Arnauld, director of Sales and Marketing, took time to answer our questions about her experience with Velma, the Hospitality AI superApp.

Who are your best clients?

We mainly cater to leisure individual travelers that book 2 to 7 nights. It is a segment that does a lot of  research online to find the best location for their stay in Paris.

Thanks to its deep destination knowledge, Velma answers tons of questions about the amenities,  services and locations of our hotels.

These conversations feed our knowledge base and help us close more bookings than we ever did on the phone… For instance, by giving more specific and detailed information on the size of the room and the AC system to our American clients, information they could not get anywhere else.

How did you integrate Velma in your operations?

Each hotel is independent in terms of tech integration. My role is to help them assign the right front end and back end resource and process to Quicktext and monitor the flow across our seven properties to optimize cross sell and upgrade opportunities. This way we ensure that the solution is meeting our objectives and that we get a good return on investment.

Is it running according to plan?

Yes, I am satisfied ! You see, I come from a hotel company which was not running Velma the AI hotel chatbot and I can really see the difference in terms of staff productivity and information accuracy.

Even more to the point : The AI behind Velma is addressing a strong trend with today’s customers who are demanding accuracy and immediacy from all their communications. I know of many bookings we secured thanks to the high reactivity of this system compared to another property where phone calls are on hold and the emails are moving slowly or stuck in the inbox.

What about support from the Quicktext team?

As we are reactive with our client, it is normal that we hold our partners to the same standard… And we are getting it from Quicktext with our dedicated customer success manager. We are also looking at more training on the new functionalities such as Velma data integration into the analytics of our seven hotels

You mentioned a positive ROI…

Yes the solution delivers, these are the numbers for 2023 :

  • Conversations managed:  22 820
  • Leads into booking engine:  Over 1000
  • Leads value:  1,5 M €

Overall Satisfaction

On a scale of 1 to 10: 9/10

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