Quicktext AI and Revinate CRM join forces to boost hotel direct booking and guest loyalty

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Quicktext chatbot is an artificial intelligence created to deliver instant service to hotel customers on your website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc… Our chatbot is called Velma and can handle over 200 customer queries such as reservation requests, deliver information about the hotel and its surroundings, and much more. 

We realized that when customers interact with our chatbot they share a lot of valuable information such as name, email, phone number, dates of stay, key interests (Spa, Family, Baby, food allergies, upsell requests…). 

Quicktext hotel chatbot also captures customer opt-in according to GDPR requirements. So all this customer data should be stored into a CRM for 3 reasons: 

  • This data helps you understand better your customers’ key interests
  • All these new qualified contacts are added to your sales and marketing campaigns. 
  • If a customer showed interest in booking a room and didn’t complete his purchase you can trigger a targeted campaign based on his interests and convince him to complete his direct booking. 

What is Revinate?

Revinate helps hotels turn customer data into revenue. With Revinate Marketing and Revinate Guest Feedback, hoteliers are able to make more informed decisions, resulting in increased direct revenue and greater customer engagement.

With the integration between QuickText AI and Revinate all relevant guest information captured by the hotel chatbot is automatically sent to Revinate to enrich guest profiles in Revinate’s Guest Data Platform, purpose-built to aggregate, clean and deliver the richest guest profiles for hotels and property groups of all sizes. Data includes new guest details ( e.g. Name, email, phone number) and key interests (Family, MICE, Spa,…).

Hoteliers benefits of integrating Quicktext hotel chatbot with Revinate CRM include: 

  • Automated guest data capture and enrichment – no more manual processes
  • More qualified contacts in your Revinate CRM that can be automatically targeted for marketing campaigns and offers 
  • Deeper customer knowledge to improve your marketing segmentation and targeting 
  • Eliminate data silos and get a unified customer base

Qualified guest data is extremely valuable for you as a hotelier and with Quicktext + Revinate you can monetize customer data to acquire and retain more guests.

Learn more about the integration between Quicktext and Revinate. Book a demo 

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