Neobookings and Quicktext announce strategic partnership

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Quicktext’s ai chatbot for hotels is now compatible with Neobookings booking engine. 

From 2021, hotels using Neobookings solutions can benefit from a smart hotel chatbot & messaging solution powered by artificial intelligence. This will enable hotels to deliver instant and personalized support to customers and guide them through the hotel direct booking process. Therefore, helping them increase direct bookings.

Quicktext chatbot + Neosteps solutions  help hotels to:

  • Increase direct bookings.
  • Reassure hesitant customers.
  • Deliver personalized instant service to guests. 

How does the integration between Quicktext and Neobookings work?

Thanks to Neobookings, Quicktext’s intelligent chatbot can clear out customers’ doubts, deliver real-time pricing, and push customers through the safe neobookings payment platform. 

Hotel chatbots help increase direct sales by attracting hesitant customers who wouldn’t have gone through the direct booking process alone. The chatbot instantly answers their questions which are often related to very specific topics. These include check-in time, hotel amenities, cancellation policy, parking, babies… etc.

Once customers are reassured, the Quicktext chatbot leverages the hotel booking engine to show availabilities and prices. Afterward, it transfers the customer to the booking engine safe payment area where the reservation will be processed. 

Quicktext Hotel chatbot shows room availabilities  and pricing through Neobookings IBE.

Visuals of chatbot conversations. 

Some interesting features of Neobookings & Quicktext 

Neobookings is a premium channel manager and booking engine solution for hotels and resorts. There are 3 features that make Neobookings particulary relevant: 

Neobookings help hotels sell non-room items 

In 2021, the ability to sell extras is essential to increase revenue. If your hotels have services to sell, Neobookings will help you leverage these direct revenue opportunities. They include:

  • Upsells: early check-ins, room upgrade 
  • Activities: Spa treatments, tours, etc… 
  • Special offers: Gift vouchers

The links to these non-room booking engines are easy to insert into Quicktext therefore, customers can seamlessly move from conversation to purchase. 

Neobookings offers smart management of hotel room cancellation requests

In 2021, booking cancellations are frequent. Being able to manage cancellation requests can automatically save you up to 2h/day by avoiding phone calls and emails. 

This feature is also leveraged in the chatbot:

  • Direct bookers can manage their bookings online. Often times, customers do not think about managing their booking online so Quicktext guides them.
  • OTA bookers are directed to the OTA avoiding a pointless phone call to your call center!

Direct booker

Hotel chatbot redirects OTA bookers to the OTA in the case of a room cancellation.

OTA booker

Hotel chatbot redirects OTA bookers to the OTA in the case of a room cancellation.

Neobookings & Quicktext offer the perfect solution for hotel groups 

Quicktext helps customers select the right property for them based on their preferences (amenities, price range, location…) 

If a specific hotel no longer has available rooms on selected dates, Neobookings instantly suggests alternatives within the group. (Read more about this)

About Quicktext: Quicktext helps hotels maximize direct sales. Quicktext centralizes in a single platform the main instant communication channels such as Website live chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp & Wechat. Guest interactions can be automated thanks to Velma, an AI-powered chatbot that responds to 85% of customer requests instantly and supports customers through the direct reservation process.  More information on the official Quicktext website: Contact: Benjamin Devisme

About Neobookings: Neobookings enhances the direct sales of hotels and optimizes their daily tasks. Neobookings software has the most powerful next-generation booking engine on the market, with an integrated Channel Manager and PMS connection. In addition, it includes web design for independent hotels and hotel chains and online marketing strategies (management of pay-per-click campaigns, search engine optimization consulting, email marketing, etc.). It’s differentiated by the attention to the hotelier and the advanced technology of its system. More information on the official Neobookings website: https: //

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