HotelAppz and Quicktext help hotels to get ROI from customer relationships

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HotelAppz and Quicktext combine their forces by connecting their applications, to help hoteliers profit from their customer relationship. The HotelAppz Guest CRM is the clean, centralized and rich database that hoteliers need to manage customer profiles in a single place. They can connect their different hotel applications to it so that all customer data can be collected and stored in the HotelAppz database. The goal is to easily trigger targeted, personalized and relevant email campaigns.

HotelAppz and Quicktext Partnership

This offer is reinforced by the Quicktext smart messaging system that enables hotels to easily leverage instant communication channels. The system generates new direct bookings via a smart chatbot on their website, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, messages etc.

When a customer is interacting with the hotel, Quicktext can request the information that may already exist in HotelAppz about this customer. Then, it updates HotelAppz with new information that can be captured from this guest conversation.

Hotel marketing is quickly evolving from a focus on the hotel towards a focus on the customer”, explains Benjamin Devisme, co-founder at Quicktext. Sending information is no longer an issue for hotel marketers. “The real challenge is in sending relevant information in order to capture and retain customers attention”, adds Rui Teixeira Guerra from HotelAppz.

Customer data is the oil of the 21st century. Spilled everywhere, it is a danger – especially now that GDPR has come into force. However, managed properly, customer data is the fuel that hotels need to grow their customer base. While hoteliers are increasingly embracing artificial intelligence, it might be worth remembering that AI is only as good as the ecosystem into which it is inserted. “If you set up an AI-powered technology such as Quicktext in your hotel, the performance of your whole ecosystem is magnified when you add modern CRM systems such as HotelAppz”, explains Daniel Doppler, CEO at Quicktext.

If you’d like to know more about Quicktext, have a look at this video: Quicktext in 2 min 

To learn more about the partnership with HotelAppz, or if you are interested in a live demo of Quicktext, feel welcome to visit our website or contact Benjamin at

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