Quicktext and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise to addre ss the AI-powered voice assistant market for the hospitality industry

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The two companies join forces to help hotels offer end-to-end digital services while optimizing the guest experience at every step of their stay.

March 7, 2019. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Quicktext, guest communications platform for hotels, together will address the AI-powered voice assistant market for hotel guest rooms. The first joint service will be available on the market in the fourth quarter of 2019.

The voice assistant accompanies guests throughout their entire journey, and across all channels. It starts with trip planning, selecting a hotel, and booking. Followed by guest support during their stay to check-out. It enables end-to-end, seamless personalized services for guests through voice-command interactions with connected objects and services such as: Light or TV switches, room automation (curtains, blinds, room A/C), room service or other hotel services. The voice assistant answers guest requests and questions such as, “I need to order a taxi.”, “What time is breakfast?”, “What is the Wi-Fi code?”, “Can I smoke in the room?”, and so on.

This is possible thanks to Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow APIs that are based on open-standards technologies which Quicktext interfaces to offer voice-command services to guests and employees on room sets and mobile devices.

Daniel C. Doppler, Quicktext President, at the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Analyst Conference, 2019

“Partnerships in the digital era require close technical collaboration and talent sharing as organizations cannot be singularly efficient in all fields. In today’s hospitality market, the guest experience is of foremost importance, with a focus on solving real guest problems. This is best achieved when partners share customer preferences data rather than adding new functionalities.”

Jean-Philippe Lenot, Hospitality Manager, Europe & North Africa, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

“The strong trend in voice-assisted guest services is becoming a key differentiator for today’s hotels, besides being a complement to the existing staff availability or for repetitive tasks. The alliance with Quicktext will allow hotels to manage not only guest requests but also guest data and therefore develop and implement new services around the most frequently requested topics. The ongoing joint effort of ALE and Quicktext will enable other new intelligent guest services in the coming quarters.”

About Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Hospitality

We are Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, serving over  830,000 customers  worldwide. Alongside our partners, we make everything connect by tailoring award-winning solutions for the hospitality industry. We help hotels and cruise lines connect with guests and communities in a digital world, via converged and adapted solutions on-premises or in the cloud. The Alcatel-Lucent name and logo are trademarks of Nokia, used under license by ALE.

Learn more about the Alcatel-Lucent Hospitality Solutions.

For ongoing Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise news, visit the Newsroom, Blog, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

About Quicktext

Quicktext is an AI solution for the hospitality industry which enables improved communication processes and enhanced experience between hoteliers and their clients. It helps hotels manage guest communications from a single platform by connecting to the hotel PMS and allowing for automated targeted messages to the relevant instant communication channels like Live Chat on the hotel website, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow for guests, Expedia, Booking.com, etc.

Quicktext is supported by an AI-powered chatbot for hotels, engaging in 8 languages with website visitors, answering their queries and processing their requests.

If you’d like to discuss the AI-powered voice assistant for your hotel or have questions about artificial intelligence and chatbots for the hotel industry, feel welcome to contact us at hello@quicktext.im or visit our website.

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