Quicktext and D-EDGE partnership: Interactive Hotel Booking Experience

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D-EDGE, the French leader in booking engines, integrates with Zalia, the AI-powered hotel chatbot created by Quicktext.

For D-EDGE, facilitating mobile booking is a strategic goal. Consequently, after creating a mobile BE, they have partnered with Quicktext. They now offer an interactive booking experience that is as natural as a WhatsApp conversation.

D-EDGE directly feeds Zalia’s brain, allowing her to check the inventory and available rates. Zalia naturally offers the best available rate to potential hotel customers that have a conversation with her.

In addition, hoteliers can also use the D-EDGE database to send SMS texts to their customers. This helps enhance their stay and make additional sales. See how it works: https://youtu.be/MRwImPq1BUg

The D-EDGE integration with Quicktext enables a chat that shows customers important elements:

— pictures of the rooms

— the best price available for the dates selected by the customer during the conversation

— a link to the D-EDGE secure payment interface to close the deal in a safe PCI-approved environment

It is also easy to follow the conversion from chatbot conversations that lead to the D-EDGE booking engine, with Google Tag Manager. Thus, the conversion from your chatbot is as easy to monitor as all your other direct booking campaigns.

Quicktext & D EDGE partnership conversation AI hotel

About Quicktext:

Quicktext is an AI solution for the hospitality industry. It was designed to facilitate direct sales in hotels by engaging potential customers in a conversation. Quicktext offers a chatbot equipped with artificial intelligence. It also provides a platform that centralizes all instant communication channels a hotel needs to interact with its customers in a mobile-first era. We help hoteliers offer customers the possibility of expressing a need. Thereby, they can request a reservation, early check-in, late check-out, upsell, etc. via the channel of their choice. It also helps customers accomplish this without effort and receive a fast, personalized response from the chatbot and hotel team.

About D-EDGE:

D-EDGE is the French leader in channel management and booking engines. They offer hoteliers a range of tools to strengthen their direct line and OTA distribution. D-EDGE is the result of the merger between Availpro, the leader in channel management and FastBooking, the leader in booking engine technology.

To learn more about the Quicktext and D-EDGE partnership, or if you are interested in a live demo of Quicktext, feel welcome to visit our website or contact Benjamin Devisme at bde@quicktext.im.

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