Quicktext and Medialog partnership: Increase hotel direct sales

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Medialog partners with Quicktext to help hoteliers leverage their customers’ data and increase direct sales.

According to Cyrille Bellefaix, CEO, Medialog, the strategic objective of this partnership is to enable hoteliers to adapt to the new behaviors and expectations of travellers who have become mobile first and are addicted to instant messaging, the use of which has surpassed traditional social networks since 2015.

Medialog is one of the main players in the PMS market in France. Medialog combines 31 years of experience in data administration with a vision resolutely focused on accessing and exploiting the data stored in the PMS. This isn’t an impregnable prison but a hub open to the outside world that supplies the hotel’s technological ecosystem in a simple, stable and secure way, explains Cyrille Bellefaix. 

About Quicktext

Quicktext is a sales and customer relations tool that centralizes instant messaging: Live chat, the main instant messaging channels and messages from Booking.com among others. Zalia, an intelligent hotel chatbot, allows instant and automated processing of most customer requests. According to Benjamin Devisme, co-founder of Quicktext, each client is unique, but it is often the same requests that come up again and again. It is this recurrence that allows automation while keeping open the possibility for the hotelier to take over when necessary.

The connection of Medialog to the Quicktext solution allows hoteliers to automatically send instant messages to customers during their stay in order to enhance their trip and trigger additional sales. There are rules of the game, explains Daniel Doppler, CEO of Quicktext: This communication is not like a newsletter, it is above all an exchange. This interaction is concentrated just before and during the stay because, at that time, the clients are really receptive and interested in what you have to suggest. This ends at the check-out. 

More information on the official Quicktext website: https://www.quicktext.im/

More information about Medialog on their website https://www.medialog.fr/

If you wish to learn more about the Quicktext and Medialog partnership, or have any questions about AI in the hotel industry, visit our website or contact Benjamin Devisme

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