Quicktext and Witbooking partnership: increase hotel direct bookings

23 June 2019
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Witbooking steps up its game and partners with Quicktext to leverage artificial intelligence for boosting hotel direct bookings.
This integration enables all Witbooking hotel customers to easily connect their booking engine to Zalia, Quicktext’s smart chatbot.

We are certain that a good chatbot significantly raises the conversion rate of the direct booking channels. This is possible by clarifying pre-booking doubts, simplifying interaction in mobile environments and adapting content. Chatbots offer hoteliers the possibility to be relevant for every specific user and situation, says Ventura Marti, CEO & Founder, Witbooking.

Until now, booking engines were about making direct bookings easy for customers that had already made a purchase decision. Thanks to this integration, hotels can now take their customers by the hand and convince hesitant customers to book.

We’re excited to open a new field of opportunities for hotel direct booking, says Benjamin Devisme, Co-Founder, Quicktext.

As a result of this integration, Zalia chatbot is able to deliver price, availability, and pictures of the rooms through a conversation. Subsequently, she hands over to Witbooking for the payment phase. Hoteliers using Witbooking can benefit from this interface very quickly. They will find it easy to set up their Quicktext chatbot and thereafter, increase their direct booking revenue.

The Selenta Group was the first Spanish hotel group to benefit from this integration. So far, they have been very satisfied with the results.

See what it looks like: https://youtu.be/MRwImPq1BUg

About Quicktext: Quicktext helps hotels convince their online visitors to book directly with them. We do this through an online platform which puts together the main instant communication channels that hotels and guests use to interact. These could include live chat on the hotel website and the major instant messaging channels. Zalia, an AI-powered chatbot, takes care of most of the frequent requests. She forwards the complex requests to the hotel staff. More information on the Quicktext official website: https://www.quicktext.im/

About Witbooking: Witbooking is an advanced booking engine that delivers an easy reservation experience to hotel direct customers. More information on the Witbooking official website: https://www.witbooking.com/.

If you wish to learn more about the Quicktext and Witbooking partnership, or have any questions about AI in the hotel industry, visit our website or contact us at bde@quicktext.im.

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