Quicktext awarded AI and Big data in hospitality company of the year

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Quicktext Wins “AI and Big Data Company in Hospitality of the Year” Award at the China Travel Awards for 2021.

Quicktext won the AI and Big Data in Hospitality Company of the Year award for 2021 at the 5th Premium Travel Award Ceremony held at JW Marriott Shenzhen in China and co-organized by Hehemu and South China.com.

Receiving the Premium Travel Award consolidates Quicktext’s position as the #1 company for AI and Big Data dedicated to the hospitality industry after 5 years of extensive research and development in this field.

Brands and companies in the tourism industry were evaluated based on various aspects, including objective quality consumer votes, media experience, and evaluations from professional judges, and outstanding companies were selected for the award. This year’s award is the first of its kind to consider companies from around the world, making Quicktext the first western company to receive the award in the Hotel Technology category.

“We are grateful to our team, clients, and partners who joined and trusted us in our journey, making Quicktext a forward-thinking company instilling confidence in the hospitality industry and its customers across the world. This is only the beginning. The travel industry is changing rapidly, and we are preparing revolutionary features and solutions for 2022 to help hotels adapt to this new technological wave” – Daniel Doppler, CEO at Quicktext.

Since 2017 and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Quicktext has continued to innovate to improve its competitive advantage and demonstrate its ability to best support hoteliers in their development in a Covid and post Covid world.

Receiving this award is well-deserved proof of Quicktext’s unique approach to meeting hoteliers’ needs and challenges, which combines artificial intelligence, AI hotel chatbot Velma, structured data, and big data dedicated to the hospitality industry. Today, more than 1400 hotels in 76 countries rely on Quicktext to increase their direct sales, boost productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction instantly.

About Quicktext

Quicktext was founded in 2017 by Daniel C. Doppler and Benjamin Devisme. More than 75 employees form its teams in 10 offices around the world.

To date, more than 1400 hotels in 76 countries are already using Quicktext and Velma hotel chatbot, its AI.

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