Quicktext Messaging Hub

A unified inbox for all instant communications to help hotels deliver great service and save time through smart messaging and automation.

All instant Messaging app centralised in one place

Quicktext Messaging Hub collects your customers' messages on a single interface.

Manage easily your Live Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, SMS, and Booking.com communications for one or several hotels. Thanks to a smart PMS connectivity, Quicktext also enables you to send automated messages to your guests at key moments of their journey.

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Save time and manage guest interactions efficiently

Smart communication

Send easily useful personalized information and upsell offers to your customers directly on their smartphone

Smart answers

Template answers help you give the perfect answer to frequent questions in 2 clicks.

Smart device

Quicktext computer and mobile app enables your team to deliver professional service from all devices.

Smart interactions

Quicktext connects to 50+ PMS enabling you to send automated messages to your guests at key moments of their journey. FAQ can also be automated via Velma our AI-powered chatbot.

Smart operations

Get all your communication channels in one place.

Increase guest satisfaction and positive online reviews

More satisfaction

Most guests won’t mention issues to front-desk agents. Leverage messaging automation to get real-time feedback, quickly identify issues and take fast action.

More services

Being able to promote specific extra services at the right time enhances your customers’ experience and increases your direct revenues.

More positive reviews

A short message is often all it takes to motivate satisfied customers and increase your volume of online recommendation

Key features

Omni-channel dashboard

  • Live chat, Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, Booking.com
  • Desktop & mobile App
  • Smart notification interface
  • Multi SMS numbers

Messaging automation

  • Data import from 50+ PMS
  • Data import XLS or CSV
  • Template messages
  • Automated signature
  • SMS targeted automation
  • GDPR compliant
Messaging Hub
from 99 € per month
  • Manage all your messages from a unified dashboard
  • Cover your guests favorite communication channels (live chat, whatsapp, sms, WeChat, booking.com...)
  • Save time thanks to templates answers
  • Speak your customer language thanks to automated message translation.
  • Increase customer interactions thanks to targeted SMS campaigns
  • Avoid lines at the front desk with express check-out.