Quicktext enables hotels to communicate instantly and effectively 24/7 improving customer experience and control direct sales. 


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A communication system transforming guest experience

Manage guest communications efficiently and save time managing all your guest communications from one single plateform (SMS, Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Twitter, Telegram, Booking.com, Expedia, Airbnb…) 

Quicktext is connected to your PMS to make it easy for you to program automated targeted messages that will reach the right guest at the right time.

A communication system transforming guest experience
Never miss a direct booking again

Never miss a direct booking again

This is your chance : better than a static brochure type website. Quicktext will engage 24/7 to reassure bookers by answering all their questions instantly, displaying room images, offering attractive pricing and check availability to create a sense of urgency to book directly on your website. 

Hotels will convert more bookers on the spot by giving them no reason to book with an OTA.

Stay on the scene like an upsell machine

Hotel guests have multiple needs before and during their stay, most of them could be monetized by the hotel. Quicktext sends contextual, automated and compliant messages to your guests mobile introducing additional services. 

Guests welcome these messages that will help them make the most of their stay. Having previously built a relationship with your guests, upsell and cross sell offers on Quicktext will convert more.

Stay on the scene like an upsell machine

A smart AI-powered chatbot available 24/7

Zoe is a smart AI-powered chatbot available 24/7. She manages up to 80% of customer interactions and lets you focus on complex and high-value customer interactions.

Messaging channel manager Messaging channel manager
Automation tools Automation tools
Available 24/7 Available 24/7
Multiples languages Multiples languages
Answer pre-stay questions Answer pre-stay questions
Contextual reminders Contextual reminders

Quicktext is changing the face of the hotel industry

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