Parlons chatbots, intelligence artificielle, IoT et transformation numérique pour l’hôtellerie

  • Posted on jan 11, 2019

    80% of businesses want to deploy a chatbot by 2020. Hence, it is important to know the key features for your hotel chatbot.

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  • Posted on jan 03, 2019

    Over the last 12 months, hoteliers have massively embraced chatbots in an effort to drive up direct sales by engaging customers.

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  • Posted on déc 27, 2018

    Traffic acquisition costs are constantly increasing but 98% of the visitors you attract still leave without a purchase. If paying so much for traffic and converting so little makes you sick and you think that the truth is out there, you should read this article.

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  • Posted on déc 21, 2018

    Quicktext and its partner StayNTouch together optimize guest communications. Call us to learn how hoteliers can leverage the potential of AI for this.

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  • Posted on déc 19, 2018

    Articles about AI are usually more about sharing a dream than giving a realistic view of the current state of AI technology. Mainly because they are often written by people that are not actually involved in any AI project. Let’s stop watching sci-fi for a bit and see what value AI is able to create for hotels today and what its limits are.

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