Bringing all your digital channels together
Sofitel Fiji (Accor Hotels)

Bringing all your digital channels together

Sofitel Fiji (Accor Hotels)

How many channels can you manage 24/7?

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Monthly active users: 7.8 billion

Coverage: Worlwide

“SMS text marketing has an open rate of over 98%”Oberlo 


Whatsapp Monthly active users: 2 billion

Coverage: Worlwide 

“66% of consumers prefer to use WhatsApp to contact a business, compared to just 25% who prefer email”  Facebook

Google Message

Monthly active users: 4.3 billion 

Coverage: Worlwid 

“A Quicktext user increase his number of conversations by 56% with GB” Quicktext 


Monthly active users: 2.93 billion 

Coverage: Worlwide 

“Businesses that are using social media messaging had an average return on investment of 122%” Direct Marketing Association 


Monthly active users: 1.44 billion 

Coverage: Worlwide 

“61% of people have booked a specific hotel after seeing it on their Instagram feed” Big 7 media  


Monthly active users: 182 million 

Coverage: South East Asia/ Japan 

“67% of travelers are likely to book a hotel through social media if they can get a better deal or exclusive offer.” TripAdvisor 

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