Introducing Velma...

Velma is the 3rd generation of Quicktext AI-powered chatbot for hotels. She answers 200+ customer questions automatically, encourages direct bookings and manages in-stay guest requests

...the AI chabot dedicated to hospitality

More operational efficiency

Velma, the AI-powered chatbot for hotels, handles 80% of guest requests in 20+ languages. 

Requests are taken care of automatically while complex issues are immediately transferred to the right member of staff, saving valuable time to your team and enabling fast action.

Smart operations

Velma interacts directly with each member of your team via email, mobile app or task management system.

Smart escalation

Complex and high-value requests are efficiently escalated and assigned to the right member of staff for fast action.

Smart workload

Velma manages recurring interactions and delivers personalized customer service automatically.

  • 2017


    50 topics 

    8 langages

  • 2018


    100 topics 

    13 langages

  • 2020


    200 topics 

    22 langages 


More satisfaction

Velma, AI-powered chatbot for hotels, manages 200+ requests, in 20+langages via Live chat, Messenger, Whatsapp or Wechat...

  • Pre-stay, Velma reassures and guides visitors through the direct reservation process.
  • In stay, guests benefit from instant service through their favorite messaging platforms.

Smart service

Delivers instant response and detects in-stay issues to be fixed and make sure that every guest has a great experience

Smart upgrade

Help guests enhance their stay by purchasing upgrades and extra services

Smart communication

Enhance guest relations, be available to your customers through their favorite communication channels.

More direct bookings

Velma AI-powered chatbot for hotels helps online visitors enter your direct booking funnel. If a customer doesn’t complete his purchase, booking requests are forwarded to the hotel sales team that follows up and closes the deal.

Hotels increase direct online revenues by 9%.

Smart engagement

Velma helps online visitors find the relevant information instantly, get the best available deal and book direct.

Smart CRM

Velma collects customer contact details and key interests through conversations to enrich customer profiles in your CRM and helps power your sales & marketing campaigns.

Smart lead generation

Velma converts anonymous visitors into qualified leads. If a customer doesn’t complete his booking, Velma immediately notifies and shares actionable informations with the sales team to proactively follow up and close the deal.

Direct sales