Quicktext is a chatbot for hotels & resorts that helps increase direct bookings and improve your guest experience.

Our customers

21 languages and counting…

Zalia interacts with customers in their native language. Zalia speaks as a true native and helps customers find answers to their questions & book rooms in 16 languages.

80% correct answers.

Yes, you read it right!

Can your staff answer all your guests’ questions instantly? Zalia offers instant service 24/7 and is constantly improving every day. Most customers requests are recurring and can perfectly be handled by our chatbot while staff can focus more time and attention on high value requests.

Easy onboarding, customization and scalability.

Quicktext offers a great fit with your hotel operations & call center through a smart notification system. It is also designed to handle scale and multi-property.

And, something to remember:

Quicktext centralizes all your communication channels in one messaging hub. Quicktext helps hotels leverage instant messaging, your guest preferred means of communication.

Meet Zalia, the 24/7 AI-powered chatbot for hotels that actuallymakes a difference.

    Statistics & Information

    Numbers speak louder than words

    80 %

    Zalia is responding to 80% of your clients requests

    17% of chats are converted into bookings 17%

    15x more interactions with Zalia than with a human