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Zalia, our AI-powered hotel chatbot.

Zalia engages in 10 languages with your online customers, answers their questions and converts anonymous visitors into qualified leads.

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Remove barriers to direct bookings
Build a strong relationship with potential customers by helping them plan their trip and activities in your destination.
Increase direct bookings
Quicktext provides instantly all relevant and necessary information to guests during their booking phase.

Boost additional revenue

Don’t leave money on the table. Your guests need additional services. Quicktext will make sure to offer them automatically at the right time during their stay. Expect higher conversion.

A smart AI-powered chatbot for hotels

available 24/7

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Statistics & Information

Numbers speak louder than words

77 %

Zalia is responding to 77% of your clients requests

17% of chats are converted into bookings 17%

15x more interactions with Zalia than with a human