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More productivity, more guest satisfaction, more direct sales. 

AI-powered chatbot and messaging hub for hotels.

NLU dedicated to hospitality

Chatbot for hotels powered by artificial intelligence

More revenues

Hotels increase direct online revenues by 9%

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More guest satisfaction

Delivers instant response to 200+ frequent requests on 6 different messaging channels.

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More staff productivity

Handles 80% of guest requests automatically in 20+ languages.

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A quick interview for hoteliers that want to find out how chatbots can help their business.  By[...]

Messaging hub

Smart interface

One place to manage easily your Live Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, SMS, and communications.

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Smart interaction

Manage guest interactions from Quicktext desktop and mobile app. Deliver professional service easily.

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Smart automation

With PMS connectivity, send automated messages to your guests at key moments of their journey.

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Why smart hotels choose Quicktext ?

  • Positive ROI
  • Strongest team in the industry
  • Scalable hotel onboarding
  • Live support in 7 langages
  • Multi-property capabilities
  • Hospitality focus
  • Multiple patents
  • Proprietary AI technology (NLU) dedicated to hospitality