Why Quicktext ?

We are a team of hospitality experts committed to delivering the best operational solutions for hotels

Why artificial intelligence by Quicktext ?

More ROI

Quicktext is a lead-acquisition & conversion solution that leverages customer engagement & intent marketing to increase direct sales by 9%.

More support

Quicktext customer care team is able to help you in 7 languages Arabic, Chinese, Czech, English, French, Russian, Spanish. We offer support via email, chat and phone.

More focused

Quicktext supports all hospitality use cases through specific AI training and a full compatibility with hotel tech partners (PMS, BE, CRM, upsell platforms…). Most importantly Quicktext is designed to fit seamlessly into hotel operations.

More manpower

As artificial intelligence applications capabilities grow exponentially we invested in a strong team of :

  • 12 engineers to bring to life new useful features every month.
  • 5 data scientists to train Velma the AI-powered chatbot for hotels.
  • 10 account managers to help hotels make the most of Quicktext.
  • 6 hospitality senior experts to drive the development
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More intelligence

Generic chatbot frameworks are meant to cover basic use cases and answer up to 50  topics.

Thanks to Quicktext proprietary Natural Language Processing algorithm Velma, AI-powered chatbot for hotels, can cover in depth 200+ hotel- related topics.

More user-friendliness

Quicktext is flexible and allows you to manage customer interaction at the central and/or hotel level. Velma, AI-powered chatbot for hotels is designed to guide customers and answer requests at a group level, with fully multi-property seamless capabilities to switch from group to hotel level.

More R&D

Quicktext exclusive customer and hotel interfaces have been developed to perfectly address the needs of the hotel industry and are protected by several patents.

More scalability

Your ability to manage the data available to your hotel AI is critical for success so Quicktext developed a smart scalable data management system simple to use and update specifically for independent hotels and groups.