Q-SEO – un nuovo SEO booster per l’ospitalità alimentato dall’AI di Quicktext e dai big data, sarà presentato al CES di Las Vegas 2023

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Quicktext, the hospitality specialist in AI and Big data, will be participating in CES Las Vegas 2023 – the most influential tech event in the world.

CES which will be held on 5-8 January, in Venitien, Las Vegas is the foremost happening for the entire technology ecosystem as it connects innovators, decision-makers, media, influencers, visionaries, and potential customers at the world’s most influential technology event.

Quicktext takes advantage of this global happening to present Q-SEO or how to boost SEO with AI and big data.

We have witnessed how artificial intelligence and big data allow hotels to compete with OTAs to maximize chances to appear at the top of Google results.

Google FAQ formats appear on top of search results. OTA & metasearch platforms extensively use these new techniques to increase visibility and traffic.

Q-SEO maximizes hotels’ chances to appear at the top of Google search results.

How does it work?

  • Q-SEO generates relevant FAQs based on the questions that customers ask Velma
  • The FAQ order is updated every week to reflect customers’ current interests and take into account seasonality.
  • These dynamic AI-generated FAQ pages (one by language) are optimized for SEO and updated once a week.
  • Google scrolls these pages frequently, improving website ranking.
  • This allows hoteliers to drive additional traffic by creating FAQ pages even in languages unavailable on the rest of the website.

Today more than 300 hotels worldwide are using Q-SEO, and the first results appear after three to 4 weeks.

  • Feature snippets: Allow the hotel to appear on top of Google search results on specific queries.
  • Long tail snippets: Allow the FAQs in the Google Results (SERP) to associate with the main domain of the hotel.
  • Additional results: Allow for more natural results in SERPs
  • Voice search: Google Voice responses also are based on feature snippets.
  • Call volume decreases drastically.

About Quicktext

Founded in Paris in 2017 by Daniel Doppler and Benjamin Devisme, Quicktext offers hotels innovative artificial intelligence, structured data, and big data solutions dedicated to the hospitality industry in 76 countries.
In 2022, Quicktext provided more than $301 million of booking requests to its clients and was awarded as AI and big data company of the year for hospitality at the Premium Travel Awards in Shenzen, China.

To learn more, book a presentation with our specialists in artificial intelligence.

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