We’re a team of 30 people working across 4 continents and 9 cities around the world to help improve your customer experience.


Quicktext around the globe

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Booking requests using Zoe
+80 000
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Daniel photo
Joined Oct, 2016
Benjamin photo
Chief Evangelist Officer
Joined Nov, 2016
Gilles photo
Director of Sales
Joined Jan, 2017
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General Manager MEA
Joined Oct, 2016
Daniel photo
Director of Communication
Joined Dec, 2017
Daniel photo
Director of Marketing
Joined Dec, 2017

Our philosophy

Hotel guests have multiple needs before and during their stay, most of them could be monetized by the hotel. Quicktext sends contextual, automated and compliant messages to your guests mobile introducing additional services. 

Guests welcome these messages that will help them make the most of their stay. Having previously built a relationship with your guests, upsell and cross sell offers on Quicktext will convert more.


Your capacity to create a relationship with your guests as fast and as efficiently as possible is what immediately sets you apart from your competition. Instant messaging is the ultimate marketing tool if you want to engage your customers in your sales process or create a bond while they are on the property. Hoteliers that harness that power gain a substantial competitive advantage that translates into more bookings and increased customer loyalty. There are plenty of good hotels but very few special ones. Be special!


We make it easy for all hotels in the world to harness the power of instant communications and Artificial Intelligence. Guest communication has to be simple, so we centralized all instant messaging channels in one easy-to-manage platform. Guest communication needs to be fast, so most customer interaction can be handled by Zoe, a strong AI-powered chatbot trained for hospitality.

Zoe is constantly learning new languages and evolving, to better serve your guests’ needs.