How PremGroup Hotels increased online direct bookings by 10%

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To maximize direct bookings, hoteliers need to have an integrated view of their direct customer acquisition funnel. From traffic acquisition to engagement and conversion. 

Alessandra de Praetere from PremGroup Hotels realized that traffic acquisition and a good booking engine were no longer enough to maximize online direct bookings. By combining Quicktext with a website and booking engine from Net Affinity, she managed to increase her online direct bookings by 10%. 

When customers talk to the chatbot to help them book a room, the AI is able to find the best available offers for each customer and fast-track them to the NetAffinity-secured payment interface. 

A strong reservation software such as NetAffinity’s is essential ! Once you have that, your real challenge is to convince potential customers that your hotel is the right one for them. That’s where Quicktext chatbot comes into play. 

According to Alessandra, Quicktext proved really good at guiding hesitant customers towards the direct booking process. “We saw an increase in our online direct sales by 10%*. In addition, Velma automatically handles 81% of our customer requests. Some requests such as reservation confirmations require a follow-up, but overall the results were beyond our expectations,” Alessandra remarked.  
* this number doesn’t take into account group requests or leads that were called back and converted

NetAffinity are experts in traffic acquisition, web design, and booking engine solutions. A partnership with Quicktext chatbot to drive up customer engagement was an obvious next step for us, says Niall Lenihan from Net Affinity. 

Net Affinity specialize in traffic acquisition via metasearch, web design and instant booking tools. If you’re looking for one or more of these services, visit for more information.

Quicktext increase your direct business by 10% whilst saving your staff 2 hours a day ! Quicktext smart chatbot guides hesitant customers through the direct booking process and your booking engine. It works with the live chat function on your website, but also Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, messages from etc.

  • +10% direct bookings
  • Fewer customer calls and emails with the same questions
  • Instant answers to customers 

About Quicktext

Quicktext leverages instant messaging and artificial intelligence at all stages of your customers’ journey to automatically offer instant personalized service to your guests, engage them in your direct sales process and acquire actionable CRM data.

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