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What if your AI-powered chatbot could enrich your CRM with all the valuable information gathered from customer conversations?

This article shows how Quicktext, our AI-powered the best chatbot for hotels, collects customer opt-ins and enriches customer profiles in a CRM. We use the CRM HotelAppz as an example but this workflow can work with any CRM system. 

The 3 key benefits of this approach are: 

  1. Enriching hotel qualified contact database
  2. Improving customer knowledge and hotel ability to send targeted communications to customers
  3. Avoiding data Silos 

Step 1: Customer starts a conversation with the chatbot Quicktext 

When customer details and opt-in are entered in Quicktext, these data are sent to the CRM. 

Quicktext chat login interface

Quicktext Dashboard

The CRM then checks if this contact already exists. If it is a new contact, it creates a new customer profile with the information collected by Quicktext. 

CRM customer profile created


Step 2: Adding customer details during the conversation with the chatbot. 

Some dialogs such as 10-01 book a room or 13-54 Taxi reservation may ask the customer for a mobile phone number. This additional information is also added to the CRM.

Quicktext customer details interface

Quicktext Dashboard Contact

Customer phone number automatically added to CRM


Step 3: Tags

Tags are used to handle valuable contextual information. A basic tag example is the name of the hotel the customer is interested in. In this example, the name of the hotel is “Zoe 3” (name of our test hotel)

CRM interface tag hotel name appears on customer profile


During the conversation, the customer might ask specific questions about key selling points of the hotels such as “Spa”, “Families”, “Pets”, “Allergies”, “Activities”…. These elements are also sent to the CRM in the form of tags. 

There is a list of basic tags by default and the hotel is able to create more according to specific needs and objectives

Tag list by default: New customer, Loyalty, Direct booking advantages, Group request, Travel agent, Day use, Breakfast, Allergy free breakfast, Parking

Boat dock, Tourist Pass, Rentals, Special request, Baby sitter, Concierge, Airport transfer, Taxi, Shuttle, Cleaning, Soundproofed room, Non-allergenic room, Bedding, pillow, mattress, Extra bed, Baby cot, Balcony, Children, Bar, Spa, Disabled, Restaurant, Xmas, NYE, MICE

Quicktext conversation tag menu deployed

Tag in Quicktext Dashboard

Tags are visible on the customer profile on the CRM


If you’d like to know more about AI-powered chatbots for hotels, instant messaging, guest service or have any questions, visit our website or contact Benjamin Devisme at bde@quicktext.im.

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