$301 million hotel reservation requests generated by Velma in 2022

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In 2022, Quicktext generated more than $301 million in booking requests in the hotels she supports.

These outstanding results were achieved by Velma, the 3rd generation universal assistant, powered by artificial intelligence, allowing customers to directly book their stays and receive answers to their questions instantly 24/7 in over 30 languages.

Thanks to prestigious brands such as Accor, Hyatt (USA), Emaar (Emirates), Grupo Santa Fe (Mexico), or GHL (Colombia), Quicktext has been able to grow from $139M to $301M of booking requests in one year.

By aiming for $1 billion in 2024, Quicktext is positioning itself as a serious alternative to Booking and Expedia for generating direct reservations for hoteliers.

About Quicktext:

Founded in Paris in 2017 by Daniel Doppler and Benjamin Devisme, Quicktext offers revolutionary artificial intelligence, structured data and big data solutions dedicated to the hospitality industry in more than 76 countries. More than 105 employees form its teams in 10 offices around the world.

  • Europe: London, Paris, Barcelona, Prague 
  • Americas: New York, Mexico, Punta Cana, 
  • Asia and Oceania: Guangzhou, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Melbourne.

To date, more than 1500 hotels in 76 countries use Quicktext and Velma, its AI Hotel chatbot, including Accor, GHL (Colombia), B Signature (France), Grupo Santa Fe (Mexico), H-Hotels (Germany), Jupiter (Portugal), Lopesan (Spain), Partouche (France), Provident (USA), Revier (Switzerland), Roomzzz (UK), Santos (Spain), Valentine (Spain).

Quicktext is 96% recommended by Hotel Tech Report, which evaluates the quality of hotel technology solutions worldwide, and is ranked as the leader in the field of AI among 24 companies.

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