Fideltour and Quicktext Join Forces To Foster Hotel Guest Loyalty and Drive Direct Bookings

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Building hotel guest loyalty is critical as markets stop and go. Hotels that can reignite demand fast and convert traffic into direct bookings will achieve rapid recovery. This requires deep customer knowledge and a proactive hotel sales strategy.

Quicktext AI and Fideltour – intelligent CRM join forces to allow hoteliers to engage their guests through the booking journey and drive direct bookings.

Fideltour is an all-in-one Guest Relationship Management solution, offering a complete set of marketing automation tools to engage hotel guests and drive cross-selling.

How does the integration work?

Velma, Quicktext AI Chatbot for hotels provides instant support to guest queries across a wide range of topics such as reservation, check-in, health measures…. and on various channels: website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp… which scales the guest experience at all stages of the customer journey.

While interacting with Velma, customers will share valuable information about their desired dates of stay, preferences, and interests (Spa, restaurant, swimming pool…), email, phones, etc…

Velma Quicktext

Customer shares name and email address. These details are checked in the Fideltour database. If the customer is a “new contact” a new profile is created in Fideltour CRM.

Velma Quicktext

Customer shares preferences with Velma. Pet policy in this example.

Quicktext AI + Fideltour

Following the conversation with Velma, a PET tag is created in Fideltour CRM.

All guest data is captured by Quicktext AI and sent to Fideltour CRM to enrich the guest profile and enable proactive sales follow-up.

This allows the hotel to deliver relevant and personalized communication with their guests and influence their decision during the direct booking process.

What are the benefits of this integration?

Savvy hoteliers already recognize the importance of their customer profiles. With the valuable guest data captured by Quicktext AI and fed into Fideltour CRM, hoteliers will leverage this data to engage their guests and turn them into loyal customers.

Increase your direct bookings and sales

Captured guest data provides the hotel with in-depth customer knowledge, allowing them to improve their marketing and sales segmentation and targeting campaigns.

In the case of an abandoned purchase by a customer who had shown interest in booking a room, the sales team can follow up with the customer via a personalized campaign to ensure customer conversion.

Fostering Guest Engagement & Loyalty

Guest engagement enhances the guest experience and builds loyalty.

Personalization is one of the most effective ways to engage your guests during the booking process. With an overview of the guest profile, hoteliers can provide personalized offers based on guest interests and preferences, making your guests feel special and appreciated.

Boosting Hotel Operational Efficiency

Guest data is automatically captured and used to enrich their profile, avoiding any painful manual process. This automation allows hotels to eliminate data silos and achieve a unified guest base.

By providing instant and engaging support to your guests 24/7, Velma will save your hotel hours of work per week to focus on high-value tasks and meaningful interactions with your guests.

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