GIMH and Quicktext partner to maximize hotel direct sales and reduce operational costs

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The top two priorities for hotels today are increasing their hotel net revenue while reducing their operational costs.

GIMH and Quicktext partner to help hotels increase direct sales through a proactive direct sales process and reduce costs through automation and outsourcing of repetitive tasks.

GIMH is a comprehensive Hotel Marketing Management solution to help hotels increase their direct sales.

GIMH – Quicktext integration Boosts Hotel Direct Sales

Velma, the best hotel chatbot, is available on different platforms such as Live Chat, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat… to answer customer queries instantly and guide them through the direct booking process.

Integration between Velma and GIMH booking engine ensures customer conversion during the direct booking process.

For example, if a customer does not complete their booking, Velma automatically notifies GIMH’s call center agents to trigger a proactive sales follow-up by phone to close the sale.

The conversion rate achieved through this seamless sales follow-up is over 30%.

In the words of Nieves Marugan, commercial director at GIMH:

Artificial intelligence allows our team to automatically filter and resolve customer requests that we previously had to handle manually, allowing our call center to focus its efforts on direct sales where we can really add value.

Increase Your Conversion

If the customer does not finalize the booking, GIMH has an optimized follow-up process based on the type of request.

  • For high-value queries: Velma instantly notifies and sends a call order to the GIMH agent. They will have all the information and requests made to Velma to meet customer needs and quickly close the sale.

  • For average-value queries: Velma will generate a lead that the GIMH can manage via phone or email to complete the potential reservation.

When the customer asks a question and does not complete the reservation, Velma notifies the GIMH call center to proactively call them back.

GIMH – Quicktext integration reduces hotel operational costs

The current context is forcing many hotels to downsize their staff, leaving the team feeling overwhelmed and missing on sales opportunities.

Velma instantly handles and resolves customer queries on their favorite channels at any time, 24/7.

Hotels are leveraging Velma to reduce the flow of incoming emails and calls by over 30%, which increases guest engagement and direct hotel booking.

VELMA provides instant support to custom queries: Checking Room availability in real-time
and guides the customer through the booking funnel.

It’s time to boost your hotel business

During periods of fluctuating demand, every reservation counts, especially direct bookings. Therefore, it is essential to adjust the hotel’s staff capacity accordingly and to be prepared for periods of high demand.

The crisis has shown that our industry needs to revive quickly and evolve towards higher flexibility and better cost control.

GIMH and Quicktext offer you a concrete and viable solution to boost your hotel business.

It is time to look ahead, and the question is: what are you waiting for to get started?

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