How hotel chatbot technology is enhancing guest experience

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The hospitality industry is now waking up to the benefits of using a chatbot. In fact, chatbots are key in delivering personalized service that has become part of guest expectations. Guests today do not require someone behind a desk at all times. What they want is instant service. Some task are and will always be performed better by humans but chatbots have grown more and more useful and today. Thus, hotel chatbot technology is helping hoteliers improve communications with guests and greatly enhances their experience. And here’s how:

1. Instant response

Hubspot revealed that 57% of consumers like chatbots for their instantaneity. In fact, instantaneity is not just a desired aspect of hotel service; it is imperative. In today’s world of instant gratification, customers expect immediate solutions. Chatbots respond to customer queries in real-time across various instant messaging channels. Whether the guest would like recommendations for events near the hotel or request a cab, they can be answered and served immediately. On the other hand, the human staff is usually not able to answer immediately.

Also, they probably have better things to do than answering frequently asked questions 30 times a day. 80% of customer requests are repetitive. This makes hotel chatbots the perfect solution to enhance engagement and dramatically improve guest relations. 

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2. Assistance with direct bookings

Sometimes, making a booking on a hotel website can get confusing. This is where a chatbot is really helpful. Hotel chatbot technology is engineered to assist customers along their direct booking journey, so that they easily and successfully complete their bookings with you. They will not require a third party to book on their behalf, which will benefit both your hotel and your customer. 

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3. Personalization for hotel guests

Your hotel chatbot interacts with your guests during all stages of their stay, and even after. The information gathered by your chatbot on your guests’ preferences will enable you to tailor your offers and provide personalized services. The best customer experiences are those that are personalized, with proactive concierge services. These memorable experiences go a long way in building customer loyalty. They increase your upselling opportunities as well. 

4. Multilingual hotel chatbot

Hotels receive guests from all over the world. And, it is a delight to them to be able to converse and get information in a language that is comfortable for them. It is as advantageous to your hotel as it is to your guests, if your chatbot can speak in a number of languages, so as to make communication much simpler for a much wider audience. Take for example Zalia, the AI-powered chatbot from Quicktext, who engages visitors in 8 languages.

5. Managing stay

Chatbots can help your guests with useful updates on check-in and check-out, and handle their requests during the course of their stay. A guest can even order room service through the help of a hotel bot. After guests check-out, chatbots can obtain reviews on their stay and secure additional bookings for later. Your hotel chatbot can send booking promotions and offers for future stays that are effective in encouraging additional direct bookings.

Hotel chatbot technology is ever-evolving, and things can only get better for hotels. As more and more hotels are adopting these virtual assistants, they should be seriously considered as a pillar in your marketing and customer support function. 

If you’d like to discuss hotel chatbot technology or have any questions about artificial intelligence in hospitality, please visit our website or contact Benjamin Devisme.

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