Chatbot for hotels: the impact of chatbots on the hotel industry

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The impact of chatbots on the hotel industry is growing by the day. Though they are still evolving, chatbots and artificial intelligence are helping the hospitality industry.

Consumers today, are always short on time and patience. No one wants to be kept on hold endlessly by a hotel receptionist. Chatbots provide a convenient, conversational interface that engages customers and solves their problems immediately. And they do so in multiple languages!

There is a definite, positive impact of chatbots on both the consumer and the hotels using them. This technology enables hotels to provide superior customer experience while saving on staff costs.

The 5 main benefits that a chatbot can bring to your hotel are:

Chatbots offer information at your customers’ fingertips

Do you want to make hotel reservations, need travel advice or have a general service query? Chatbots will give you instant answers and provide real-time assistance. Also, this service extends all through the customer journey – right from planning a trip, to stay and extending to beyond check-out.

Chatbots cater to multiple requests in an instant

A major benefit of chatbots is that at any given time, they can attend to several queries. As a hotelier, you naturally want to provide flawless, immediate services to your clients to save their time.

Of course, chatbots sometimes fall short. However, even when this happens, they let customers know the time frame within which they can expect a reply. This takes away any frustration and makes sure that no customer question will be ignored.

Chatbots enable you to satisfy a number of consumers by promptly acting on varied requests. Glitch-free direct bookings, easy check-ins, and check-outs are now a reality for customers. Without a doubt, the guest experience delivered is far superior, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Chatbots help identify consumer needs

Conversations between customers and chatbots provide valuable insights into your guests’ habits and preferences. Knowing what they like, dislike, the trends they follow and the information they constantly seek, helps the hotel make personalized recommendations. This enables you to have an accurate profile of your clientele.

Using the data collected from chatbots improves your services to a great extent. It allows you to customize your offers knowing that tailor-made promotions appeal to clients and fosters loyalty.

Chatbots boost customer engagement

Chatbots are the perfect means of having insightful interaction with customers. Consumers are more willing to share their feedback in conversations compared to a form. Other approaches to collect reviews are far more time-consuming and much less effective.

A healthy mixture of personalized suggestions and problem-solving by chatbots boosts customer engagement. There is even a provision to reroute queries when the guest specifically requests for a response from a live receptionist.

Chatbots help hoteliers gain an insight into customer satisfaction before it appears on TripAdvisor

This interactive medium is simple to monitor. It is also easy for hoteliers to solve any issue within a short turnaround time and maximize customer satisfaction.

The future of customer support lies in chatbots as they enhance the experience of your patrons. Hoteliers must join the chatbot revolution especially when they have an established social media presence.

This article is inspired by a WorldHotels Collection publication.

If you’d like to further discuss the impact of chatbots on the hotel industry or have questions about artificial intelligence, please visit our website or contact Benjamin Devisme at

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