Mirai & Quicktext: maximize the direct selling potential of their hotel customers

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Quicktext initiates a collaboration with Mirai booking engine. All hotels that use Mirai can integrate their booking engine into Zalia, the direct sales ai chatbot developed by Quicktext.

Chatbots are robots that interact with customers from the chat window placed on the hotel’s website and most instant messaging platforms. They help customers find precise answers and solve doubts. Thanks to its connection to Mirai Booking engine, Zalia chatbot  becomes capable of taking the reservations automatically. 

According to Pablo Delgado of Mirai direct sales of hotels will change radically in the coming years and will look little like how we know it today. The arrival of hotel chatbots combined with the massive use of mobile phones are just the beginning of what is to come. We must be able to make a direct booking as natural as an interaction by Whatsapp or a simple conversation. I’d say it’s more than a challenge. It’s an obligation whether we like it or not.

About Quicktext

Quicktext helps hotels maximize direct sales. Quicktext centralizes in a single platform the main instant communication channels that a customer can use to interact with a hotel. Zalia a powerful chatbot responds to 80% of customer requests instantly even reservation requests. The most complex conversations are sent to the reception team.  More information on the official Quicktext website: https://www.quicktext.im/

About Mirai

Mirai is a direct selling solution that relies on a powerful booking engine and a meta-search and PPC management solution. More information about Mirai on their website: https://fr.mirai.com/

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