Paraty Tech and Quicktext partner to help hotels overcome post-COVID challenges

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To mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality industry, hotels need to develop a new customer-centric approach focused on delivering an engaging digital experience while reducing their operational costs and boosting their direct sales.

Paraty Tech and Quicktext have partnered to help hoteliers address three key challenges:

  • Maximizing direct bookings
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Delivering excellent service

Maximize direct sales

Increasing direct sales is essential to hoteliers’ success, simply because the margin is much higher than booking via Online Travel Agents (OTA) or Tour Operators.

Paraty Tech‘s web-based solutions and booking engine provide a solid foundation that facilitates direct online booking.

Simplifying the booking process is not enough to guarantee a booking, many customers are typically hesitant when making a reservation. To overcome this, hoteliers can offer a proactive sales approach where they capture their potential customers by offering tailored service and follow-up.

Our integration with Paraty Tech’s booking engine allows Velma, Quicktex chatbot to smoothly guide customers throughout the direct booking process.

Search for availability and quotes in real time. The customer then instantly moves from the chatbot to the secure environment of Paraty Tech, to which all search data has been transmitted.

How does the integration between Paraty Tech and Quicktext work?

Quicktext offers hotels a centralized platform for instant communications across different channels: The hotel website, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Google My Business, etc.

Through the direct integration with Quicktext, Paraty Tech can offer instant quotes to travelers and guests within the conversation with Velma on every Social Media platform.

In addition to driving traffic to the booking engine, Velma by Quicktext allows hotels to collect relevant customer information such as name, email address, phone number, interests, dates of stay, and opt-in consent to receive promotional messages. This allows hotels to follow-up with visitors who do not complete their reservations.

Thanks to the information captured by the chatbot, the hotel’s sales department has all the elements in hand to perform a proactive and personalized sales follow-up.

Reduce operational costs

With guests having many questions about the hotel, front desk staff receive a high volume of calls and emails each day that they must proactively handle.

Many hotels are forced to work with small teams, making this task even more challenging. Implementing a hotel chatbot solution such as Velma by Quicktext will save hotel staff hours every day and allow them to focus on the guests in the hotel.

Quicktext responds instantly to customer questions in more than 25 languages. The chatbot acts as a filter that automatically handles common guest requests. This saves the hotel staff hours every day and allows them to focus on the guests who really need special attention. Explains Franz Matheis, CEO of Paraty Tech.

Provide instant, personalized service

Guests often seek answers to their questions online rather than at the hotel front desk. So it’s essential to deliver an instant and engaging experience.

In many hotels, customer service is often excellent at the front desk but almost non-existent online. With email response times often exceeding 24 hours, the hotel team may be overwhelmed.

Customers visit your website 24/7, so a chatbot is the perfect solution to meet your customers’ needs. Quicktext is capable of handling customer interactions on different channels such as Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Paraty Tech‘s websites provide an excellent customer experience across all devices (computer, mobile, tablet). To learn more about Paraty Tech‘s offerings, visit their website:

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