StayNTouch is happy to partner with Quicktext to integrate guest communications

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StayNTouch is a leading mobile, cloud PMS. It is focused on helping hotels deliver the best possible guest experience. StayNTouch is happy to partner with Quicktext to integrate guest communications. Together, they help hoteliers harness the potential of AI and instant communication.

Quicktext has developed a guest communication platform that centralizes the main instant communication channels relevant for hotels. It includes Live Chat on the hotel website, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and messages among others. Zoe, a smart AI-powered hotel chatbot, answers and automatically processes most customers’ questions and requests.

Thanks to this partnership, Zoe can book rooms automatically and process many kinds of requests. Furthermore, the hotel staff can take action directly through their StayNTouch interface.

Quicktext’s messaging service is embedded directly inside the StayNTouch interface. This feature helps the hotel staff manage instant communications very easily. Zoe chatbot can take care of most interactions through the hotel Live Chat, Facebook, and WhatsApp. It notifies the staff when an action is required. There is also no need to log into another web platform. Everything is accessible from the StayNTouch dashboard.

Most of the time, people focus on the interaction between chatbots and customers. In fact, good communication between chatbots and the hotel team is just as important. “There are too many interfaces that hoteliers need to think about every day. We didn’t want there to be one more,” explains Benjamin Devisme, Partner at Quicktext.

Zoe is an artificial intelligence able to answer most customer requests. It is now compatible with the StayNTouch Booking Engine API. Thanks to this integration, Zoe chatbot can access room availability, pictures, and prices. She can also book rooms. What makes Zoe different from any other AI in the market is her e-commerce training. She was designed to help hesitant customers. Such customers do not spontaneously go to the booking engine because they have a doubt. Or else, they have a very specific question. It could also be that they simply like to be taken care of.

When Zoe answers customers, she simultaneously collects data in return. Like the customer’s name, email address, mobile number, expression of need etc. Zoe is not magical. Sometimes she can’t handle conversations. At least, however, when she passes it over to the hotel staff, they are holding all the cards. “If the customer doesn’t complete a booking that was started with Zoe, it is definitely on the hotel,” assures Daniel Doppler, CEO at Quicktext.

Thanks to StayNTouch and Quicktext, you can send targeted messages to guests, before their arrival, and during their stay. “With this partnership, we want to make it clear that we believe StayNTouch is as much about streamlining the guest experience as it is about running the operations of a hotel,” says Motti Tadmor, Director of Product Integrations at StayNTouch.

If you’d like to know more about Quicktext, have a look at this video: Quicktext in 2 min

To learn more about the partnership with StayNTouch or if you are interested in a live demo of Quicktext, feel welcome to visit our website or contact Benjamin at

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