Power to the people: an AI manifesto from Mob Hotel

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Quicktext, the hospitality AI SuperApp, based in Paris, France, announces a strategic partnership with Mob Hotel Group, known for its unique social and environmental engagement in the hospitality industry. 

By selecting Velma, Quicktext’s cutting-edge AI technology, Mob Hotel Group (MOB HOTEL and MOB HOUSE) wants to empower their clients to communicate freely, and effectively and receive the most accurate answers while liberating their employees from the yoke of tedious, repetitive, and low-value tasks…

Quicktext, the hospitality AI SuperApp is revolutionizing the hotel industry with its outstanding solution called Velma. This innovative virtual assistant for hotels globally is based on Q-Brain+, the hybridisation of classic conversational AI and generative AI

Beyond the unrivaled solutions provided by Velma, by harnessing AI as well as the insights from big data, Quicktext also provides services to:

  • Optimize sales, content, and marketing (Q-Sales, Q-SEO, Q-Dynamic)
  • Structure & augment hotels’ data (Q-Data & Q-Channel)
  • Supply data for business intelligence (Q-BI)

About Mob Hotel Group

Founded by Cyril Aouizerate, Mob Hotel group is a unique hospitality group with a strong social and environmental engagement with each property : Paris flea market, Lyon Confluence and now, Cannes Carnot, opening in June the 30th.  Staying at Mob Hotel is participating in unique hospitality where culture and organic commitment meets social activism experiences.

This collaboration aims to perfect guest experiences across Mob’s portfolio, including Mob HouseMob Hotel Paris Les Puces, and Mob Hotel Lyon. Additionally, new properties set to open soon, such as Mob Hotel Cannes or Mob Hotel Bordeaux, in France.

About Quicktext

Quicktext was founded in 2017 by Daniel C. Doppler and Benjamin Devisme. 

Daniel Doppler CEO and Benjamin Devisme VP of Quicktext are available for interviews and bylines on the subjects of AI and the future of hospitality…

More than 130 employees from its teams in 18 offices around the world:

  • Europe (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, London, Milano, Paris, Prague)
  • America (Mexico City, Montreal, New York, Punta Cana, Los Angeles)
  • Asia (Bangkok, Dubai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Gold Coast) 

to create the number #1 AI and big data company in the hotel industry.

Today,  hotels in 76 countries are using Quicktext and Velma’s AI Hotel chatbot to increase revenue, create value through data, and invent a unique experience for travelers and hoteliers. 

In 2023, Quicktext provided more than $579 million of booking requests to its clients and was awarded as AI and big data company of the year for hospitality at the Premium Travel Awards in Shenzhen, China, as well as the International Travel Award for Innovation at the International Tourism Meeting In Paris, France.

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