AI meets Sunshine in this Smart Hotel on the Costa Brava

See Velma in action! Get to know Velma

Recently renovated Hotel Acapulco in Lloret de Mar is where fun and family gather along the Costa Brava of Spain. Situated in one of the most touristic regions of the world comes with many challenges for the hotel general manager Damia Font Taulina and Raquel Romero Moreno, the front desk manager…

We talked with them about using Velma, the AI virtual assistant as well as other services provided by Quicktext, the hospitality AI super app to manage their guests’ communication and get an edge over their many competitors…

Who are your clients?

We have a balanced mix of individuals and groups from France, Spain and England. Groups are a growing segment of business for us, however we need to preserve our margins by focusing on and converting more individual direct bookings…

Does Quicktext meet your business needs?  

Yes it absolutely does!

First of all it allows us to manage different channels into one single platform, we have recently integrated with and it is a leap forward in terms of productivity for our reservation team.

Quite simply, answering and assisting guests rapidly and efficiently 24/7 in their language increases our shares of direct reservations. It sounds obvious right?

We have integrated Velma into our PMS system so we are also happy with the support we get from our dedicated representative. We are also looking at the possibility of matching Velma with our social Wifi which is detecting when a guest is in the hotel…

As we are a seasonal hotel; Velma kept our communication channel alive when the hotel was closed. Before Velma, we had an answering machine but people would not use it and hang up… Now we get bookings all year round which you really need when you have 200 rooms to fill…

Do you get a good return on your investment?  

  • Based on the booking dashboard and keeping in mind the hotel is closed out of season in 2023, our AI assistant generated € 200 000 worth of booking requests representing close to 2558 overnight stays from over 1575 client conversations. 
  • Yes the tool pays for itself between adding productivity to our staff and pulling more direct bookings into our PMS. The cherry on the cake is that our FAQ is dynamically updated using Velma conversational data. As a result we have fresh, informative, and relevant information to our visitors and better indexing of our website on Google…

Any wishes for the future of Quicktext?   

We’d like to have Velma answer more questions about the destination and events… Also having knowledge if a client flight is delayed in Barcelona and offering a late check out. These are just examples… 

On a scale from 0 to 10 what is your Overall Satisfaction with Quicktext?


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