Qualitelis and Quicktext partnership: helping hotels capitalize on customer reviews

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The Qualitelis and Quicktext partnership enables hoteliers to capitalize on their customer reviews to generate new bookings and develop their upsell strategy. 

Qualitelis manages the e-reputation and customer relationship cycle before, during and after stay in order to make additional pre-stay sales and retrieve reviews after the stay. 

The partnership with Quicktext extends this horizon. Indeed, via its integration with Zalia, the AI-powered Chatbot developed by Quicktext. In hotels where Qualitelis is implemented, Zalia chatbot can now forward reviews to customers who request them in a conversation. 

In addition to forwarding customer reviews, hotels using Qualitelis can also leverage customer information captured by Qualitelis to automatically send targeted messages to customers at key times during their stay. This makes it easier to send personalized upsell offers to the customers who will be most receptive. 

About Quicktext:

Quicktext is a sales tool that uses instant messaging and artificial intelligence to increase hoteliers’ direct revenues. Quicktext simplifies customer relationships by bringing together on a single platform the main communication channels that a hotel can use to interact with its customers.

As the needs and requests of guests are very often recurrent, Quicktext allows automatic messages to be sent by SMS in order to highlight certain hotel services. For conversations initiated by the customer, Zalia, a hotel chatbot with artificial intelligence, instantly responds to recurring requests. The most complex questions are transferred to the reception team, who can take control of the conversation at any time. 

More information on the official Quicktext website: https://www.quicktext.im/

About Qualitelis:

Qualitelis is the French leader in e-reputation management. Qualitelis offers hoteliers a complete customer journey management system via a Pre-stay/Post Stay management platform. A notification collection tool makes it easy to distribute customer opinions to the main customer notification management platforms.

Semantic analysis also allows the hotel’s quality teams to know in real time its strengths and areas for improvement to deliver an exceptional customer experience. More information on the official Qualitelis website: https://www.qualitelis.com/

If you wish to learn more about the Qualitelis and Quicktext partnership, or have any questions about AI in the hotel industry, visit our website or contact Benjamin Devisme

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