Quicktext AI connects to Line Messenger

See Velma in action! Get to know Velma

Hoteliers can now automate guest conversations and booking requests through LINE thanks to Quicktext AI virtual assistant. 

LINE  is a Japanese instant messenger app, which has become a massive direct sales channel for hotels in the APAC region, with a production sometimes superior to the hotel website. 

Quicktext’s AI virtual assistant Velma allows hotels to answer customer questions instantly, 24/7  and guides them through the direct reservation process automatically without any intervention from hotel staff. 

Velma allows customers to make their reservation directly with Santiburi Hotel via Line

Omni-channel instant customer support

Velma (the best hotel chatbot) responds instantly and automatically to customers’ questions through Line, but also on other communication platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Google my Business chat, the chat on the hotel webpage, etc. Quicktext acts as a filter that can answer on more than 200 topics automatically covering over 90% of customer queries. Only conversations where human assistance make the difference are escalated to staff.

For more infomation about Quicktext channels click Here.

Velma answers customers’ queries instantly on different channels.

Personalized customer support

Before booking a room, customers often want to get very precise information through Line about the rooms, hotel services such as the spa, parking, swimming pool, the beach, etc. Timely answers maximize the chances of conversion. 

Velma saves hours to hotel teams every day by replacing human staff assistance on Line and delivering fast answers on all these topics.

Velma gives customers instant information about Spa and swimming pool via LINE

Customer support in 30+ languages

Line is mostly used by local travelers from Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia…,so it is important to provide answers in native language. Quicktext is able to handle conversations with guests in 30+ languages including Thai, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian Bahasa…

Santiburi hotel uses Velma in English and Thai to cater to both international and local customers

According to Nicolas Durand from the group S Hotels & Resorts: 

“The flow of customer conversations has become a challenge to manage manually due to the volume of messages received over several days, on the other hand, customers expect fast answers to their queries. which Velma is able to provide“

If you would like to see Quicktext in action, request a live demo HERE

If you are an existing Quicktext customer and would like to add Line to your package please notify your account manager. 

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