Quicktext and Roiback Join Forces to Boost Hotel Direct Sales

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Quicktext and Roiback join forces to help hotels:

  • Increase direct bookings
  • Reassure and convert hesitant customers
  • Deliver personalized customer service

ROIBACK – Quicktext integration Boosts Direct Bookings

Velma, our AI chatbot for hotels answers customer queries instantly, 24/7, and captures valuable customer information such as dates of stay, preferences, interests, email addresses, etc.

Velma will instantly generate a reservation by showing relevant availability, pricing and guiding the customer through the booking funnel via Roiback’s booking engine.

This integration allows Roiback’s customers to easily connect their booking engine with Velma to boost their hotel direct sales and nurture guest engagement.

Velma generates a reservation during the conversation by showing relevant suggestions and available rooms based on the customer’s interests and preferences.

ROIBACK – Quicktext integration Converts Hesitant Customers

Customers choosing your hotel may not be ready to make a final booking on the spot. As a result, many hesitant customers will abandon the booking process. Thus, it’s crucial to follow up with customers to finalize the booking.

Luckily, hotels will have all the necessary customer data captured by Velma to make a proactive follow-up and secure customer conversion.

About Roiback

Roiback offers a portfolio of booking engine solutions, web design, and digital marketing services for hotels to increase their direct bookings and conversion rates.

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