Quicktext & Hoteligy help hotels deliver excellent customer service and lower operational cost

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Quicktext & Hoteligy promote the digitization and automation of hotel services to increase resilience against low occupancy and adapt to 21st-century guest expectations. 

COVID-19 has changed customers’ booking and pre-stay expectations

Pre-booking, customers have become extremely insecure about hotel services and require increased levels of information before they can consider booking a room

Customers have so many different concerns. So making all this information available in a web format would quickly become more confusing than helpful. Especially now, that over 60% of hotel website visitors use a mobile device. Customers expect instant satisfying answers and will often not spend time searching for the info on your website.  In short, customers want instant satisfaction with zero effort. 

Chatbots are by far the easiest way for customers to access the precise information they need to be reassured, make a booking decision and prepare their stay. 

Before 2020, hotel customers would use a AI hotel chatbot to ask basic questions about room service, gym, etc… And they would be satisfied with a brief description of these services. However, they now expect precise and detailed content such as the room-service menu or how they can secure a training slot at the gym. Failing to deliver the right information often means losing the customer to a competitor or OTAs that are often better than hoteliers at addressing customers’ concerns.

Velma guides a guest on availabilities of the gym using hoteligy. Your guests will no longer have to call or physically go to the front desk to make such enquiries.
In this case, a client can request room service through Velma where they can see a menu. This creates a great experience and saves time at the front desk.

Quicktext & Hoteligy joined forces to instantly deliver the information & reassurance your customers are looking for at all stages of their journey

Quicktext teamed up with Hoteligy so as to keep up with customers’ expectations. These include- precise answers and hoteliers’ need to reduce the volume of time-consuming phone calls and emails that hotel front desks receive on a daily basis. 

Hotel service is often outstanding… at the front desk. The problem is that customers are spending increasingly more time online, and there, hotel service is often nonexistent. 

Hoteligy makes all hotel content available in a digital format, even things that used to be only available on paper: hotel menus, facilities full description, and service reservation (restaurant, gym, spa, activities…). 

Thanks to this new partnership, Quicktext chatbot is instantly able to deliver detailed information that customers want. Furthermore, it’s also in a format that they can easily “consume” from a mobile device at any stage of their customer journey. 

Hoteligy provides a web app that hotel customers can use on-premises. Quicktext chatbot is of course available on the hotel web app and can help customers during their stay. 

Quicktext chatbot integrated into Hoteligy’s webapp can manage in-stay guest interactions & drive customers to specific parts of the app making it easier for guests to find automatically the information they need. 

Hoteliers can also make Hoteligy’s content available in specific spaces thanks to QR codes. This is particularly useful at the restaurant where hoteliers no longer need to use physical menus. 

Example of a QR code to be used at the restaurant

Quicktext customers benefit from a free version of Hoteligy

At Quicktext, we believe that digital service and automation are the way forward and it is the mission of tech partners to make this transition easy and viable for hoteliers. That’s why all hoteliers that already use Quicktext can benefit from a free version of Hoteligy

Hoteligy free version allows you to digitize your entire “in stay” service offer so that you can provide accurate and personalized information to your customers, deliver a quality, contactless experience while saving your team time. See the offer details here.

Note that Hoteligy also has a Premium version (paid) that will give you access to a higher level of flexibility & customization and a  reservation module for restaurants and services meant to generate extra income for your property/group.

About Quicktext: Quicktext is an AI-powered chatbot for hotels able to answer to most customer questions 24/7 in 22 languages. Velma, the AI chatbot designed by Quicktext, is able to drive customer engagement through the hotel live chat and the main instant communication channels. Most customers express doubts when booking a room. Velma, helps reassure potential customers by providing them the key information they need to make a decision. 

More information on the official Quicktext Website: https://www.quicktext.im/

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