How to make your guests visit your hotel after COVID-19 ?

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COVID-19 is almost behind us and it is time to think about re-opening your hotel.

While there are lots of very useful checklists to keep your hotel sanitized you should also think on how to make your guests visit your hotel after COVID-19 ? Make them  feel safe and excited about staying at your hotel. 

How to make your guests to travel again to your hotel after COVID-19?

Most customer journeys start with the dreaming phase. I wanted to salute some inspiring initiatives such as #RadissonCares from Radisson Hotel Group or #EstamosHechosDe (#WeAreMadeOf) from GHL Hotel group. 

This is the best hotel generated content that I have seen in a long time. In the short term, it brings a little bit of the hotel magic into people’s confined life which is much appreciated, and this is how you make your guests to travel again.

Here, the GHL breakfast team chef explains how to make an item of their breakfast menu at home.  Which is also a very smart way to remind people of the hotel experience and get them to dream about travelling again as soon as the lockdown is over.

How to make your guests visit your hotel after COVID-19 ?

The next few months are going to be tough and the first people you need to motivate are the members of your team. This is the kind of initiative that brings back a collective spirit and sense of purpose.

We need to reignite Hospitality together now. If we fail at getting people to dream again we will all be reduced to selling cheap sleep for a long time. So, it is time to be creative like never before!. Learn more on how to get your hotel ready for the period after COVID-19? 

5 Things to consider for your next communication plan:

How to make your guests visit your hotel after COVID-19 ? When drafting your communication plan remember that your customers received hundreds of boring templates saying the same depressing stuff over and over again. 

  • Make your content visually attractive and do not hesitate to use video to drive engagement. 
  • Be creative and send a positive message and remind people of the joy of travel. Don’t hesitate to be creative personal and involve your staff as they are the faces of your business. 
  • If you have a good customer segmentation that’s great you can send personalized messages to families, couples and business travelers… If you don’t do a single message… Wake up and get a proper CRM. Learn more on how you can improve your data collection with your CRM
  • Use call-to-actions to drive people back to your website. Make sure that the “COVID-19” alert is replaced by a more welcoming message that lets customers know your opening dates and that you are ready to welcome them safely with nice and flexible offers. Make sure the message is positive. 
  • Many online visitors will have questions and want to triple check your hotel opening dates, know more about your cancellation policy (you can’t blame them) and all the usual questions. Having smart chatbot or even a manual live chat is a good way to foster trust and get hesitant customers to book your hotel. 

Let’s get people dreaming again! 

Feel welcome to contact if you have any question or would like to improve your resilience and recovery strategy

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