Quicktext and Mews Partnership: Improve Hotel and Guest Instant Communication

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Mews Systems integrates seamlessly with Quicktext, making it easy for hotels to leverage instant communication and artificial intelligence. This helps boost sales while delivering incredible customer experience.

The Mews’ booking conversion machine, Mews Distributor, is directly connected to Zalia, Quicktext’s AI-powered hotel chatbot. Zalia automatically answers common customer requests. She further boosts your conversion rate by interacting with prospects. She also convinces them to book directly through the website’s live chat or other instant communication channels. 30% of live chat conversations are related to booking a room. So, the ability to connect with Mews booking engine was a must for our chatbot, explained Benjamin, from Quicktext.

The Mews Marketplace is the very first plug-and-play app store where hoteliers can purchase their different tools and services directly in the PMS. The integration with Mews is instantaneous. Hoteliers can activate it themselves in less than 30 seconds. Mews users have unlimited accessibility to a unique ecosystem of powerful third-party integrations. These can be accessed directly from the Mews PMS dashboard, plugged in after just a few clicks, and ready to use in a matter of minutes. It really is that simple. No setups, no invoicing hassles, no eye-watering integration charges and no tedious waiting for months on end.

Hotels using this integration can easily pull the rates and availability set within Mews. They can then push it directly into a chat conversation to provide a seamless sales experience like never before. This makes it much simpler, especially for mobile customers, to select the room they want and to book directly ​via chat. By tokenizing payment details, Mews can then charge any card with the booking in an instant. All this, while guaranteeing the highest level of credit card data security.

Mews and Quicktext also go one step further. Quicktext can automatically draw information from the customer profiles within Mews to send personalized text messages to your guests. These messages reach customers at specific moments of their journey to stimulate sales and improve their stay.

Customer centricity is effectively the future of hotel sales and marketing. Subsequently, the Quicktext and Mews partnership paves the way for hoteliers. Join the revolution! This is how it looks: https://youtu.be/MRwImPq1BUg

About Quicktext :

Quicktext helps hotels increase their direct bookings and improve customer satisfaction. It works by centralizing the core instant messaging channels that hotels and guests use to communicate. A chatbot called Zalia handles frequent interactions such as book a room or what is the time of check-in. However, Zalia is now pushing the limits of AI development to offer incredible automated conversation in multiple languages!

More details on the Quicktext official website: Quicktext.

About Mews:

Mews is a new generation natively-cloud property management platform. Its modern, intuitive software helps hotels, hostels and apartment groups automate all their operations so that they can focus on what’s really important — their customers, and enhancing the guest experience. Entrepreneur and former hotelier Richard Valtr founded the company in 2012 when his frustration with the inadequacies of existing hotel software systems drove him to design and build his own platform, with user experience at its core. Its rapidly expanding team now counts more than 250 employees, and there are, today, over 980 active subscribers using Mews in 47 different countries.

Mews has offices located in Paris, London, Barcelona, Sydney, Amsterdam, Munich and Prague, and is planning to expand.

Find out more on the Mews official website: https://www.mewssystems.com/

If you wish to learn more about the Quicktext and Mews partnership, or have any questions about chatbots and AI in the hotel industry, visit our website or contact Benjamin Devisme.

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