Quicktext + Oaky create the ultimate upselling machine for hotels

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Quicktext chatbot and Oaky upselling engine join forces to boost your hotel direct sales while delivering terrific customer experience.

Most travelers need extra services at some point in their journey. Your hotel’s ability to offer the right service at the right time increases your property direct revenues.

Upselling is a concept that all hoteliers like in theory but in practice, it often proves difficult to implement. Oaky and Quicktext joined forces to create the ultimate upselling machine. 

Why connect an upselling system to your hotel chatbot?

Your customers need much more than a room when you are on the move. So you should absolutely offer them all the relevant services that you can. 

From Quicktext we could see that 25% of customers’ conversations via our chatbot were requests of extra services such as airport transfers, early check-ins or room upgrades. We were quite frustrated that despite being a cutting-edge AI, our chatbot was only able to take the request and send an email notification to a member of the hotel staff that would have to manually process the request. 

How can your hotel chatbot help with upsell?

Thanks to this new partnership with Oaky hotel customers can request an upgrade via Live chat, Facebook or WhatsApp. Quicktext chatbot is able to find the right deal and check availability in Oaky and offer it to the customer instantly. If the customer accepts the deal Oaky processes the request in seconds and updates the hotel PMS. Saving valuable time to hotel staff. 

Chatbot assisted upsell saves time and increases hotel direct revenue

Thanks to this new integration, customers can access and purchase the deal they want instantly which improves their experience and drives hotel revenues

This new process also contributes to making hotel operations more efficient by automating the admin work related to upselling. 

About Oaky: Oaky is the leading hotel upselling software. Oaky is an upsell booking engine that contains all the deals that a property might offer to their guests. Upsell deals can be sent automatically to targeted customers via email. The oaky deal database is also used by Quicktext chatbot to answer customers’ upsell requests via chat, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. 

Have a quick look at Oaky product video

More details on the Oaky official website: https://www.oaky.com/

About Quicktext: Quicktext helps hotels increase their direct bookings and improve customer satisfaction. It works by centralizing the main instant messaging channels that hotels and guests can use to communicate such as live chat, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. The frequent interactions such as book a room or what is the time of check-in, I need an airport transfer, etc…are instantly handled by Quicktext chatbot. Quicktext chatbot helps hotels improve operational efficiency and increase online direct revenues by 11% on average. 

Have a quick look at Quicktext product video 

More details on the Quicktext official website: https://www.quicktext.im/

If you wish to learn more about the Quicktext and Oaky partnership or have any questions about chatbots for hotels, contact Benjamin Devisme at bde@quicktext.im.

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