Say hello to Zalia, the optimized, next-generation AI-powered chatbot for the hospitality industry

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Zalia, Zoe’s little sister, joins the Quicktext family

optimize guest experience through personalized services, before, during and after stay

Quicktext, an AI solution for the hospitality industry, introduces Zalia, the AI-powered chatbot for hotels. Zalia represents the AI-optimized, next-generation hotel chatbot. She will assist guests through their complete travel journey, right from planning a trip, booking a hotel and their stay, to beyond check-out.

You are already familiar with Zoe, her elder sister, and know the extent of her expertise. Zalia has learned alongside Zoe and shares the same capabilities. Furthermore, she comes with added competencies through being specialized in the voice assistant market for hotel guest rooms

This is a smart addition to the milestones already achieved by Quicktext in the last two years. In this time, Quicktext has analyzed more than 130 000 conversations and has trained the AI-powered chatbot to speak in 8 languages, with the aim to help hotels optimize their guest experience and increase their direct bookings. They have also integrated with several third-party applications (CRM, Booking Engines, Prestay Services), opened new offices across Europe and Asia, and guided hotels on the use of chatbots for their website. 

Zalia is a true representation of her name, which means someone who is intuitive and perceptive and understands human nature. She is also a fast learner. She speaks all eight languages that Zoe uses and is currently learning Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Arabic, and Russian. 

In her added role as a voice assistant, Zalia will accompany hotel guests through their stay, assist them and solve their problems. She will help them turn on the lights, the TV, draw the curtains and regulate the room temperature. Zalia will also assist with room service, supply the WiFi code, help acquire a taxi and provide other personalized services. 

About Quicktext

Quicktext is an AI solution for the hospitality industry, helping hoteliers manage guest communications from a single platform. It connects to the hotel PMS, enabling automated targeted messages to be sent through relevant instant communication channels such as Live Chat on the hotel website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more. 

If you’d like to know more about Zalia, the AI-powered chatbot for hotels,  or have questions regarding AI for the hospitality industry, feel welcome to contact us at or visit our website.

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