How to boost your hotel’s operational efficiency.

ByBenjamin Devisme
27 November 2020
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Hotels have invested heavily in digital distribution but have often overlooked how they could leverage digital resources to streamline their operations and reduce unnecessary costs while delivering great customer experiences. 

Staff is the most valuable resource that a hotel can have. Yet a lot of human time is lost with basic tasks that should be automated.

Quicktext + hotelkit enable hotels to manage guests recurring requests automatically and resolve issues faster. 

Quicktext leverages messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, etc… to create a direct communication between each customer and the hotel. Our smart chatbot filters and handles customer frequent requests automatically. When staff action is needed the chatbot notifies the right hotel staff member instantly through hotelkit thus minimizing the number of steps between an issue and its resolution.

Hospitality is a very traditional human-centered industry. The challenge is that customer expectations grow higher every day and meeting those expectations is becoming an operational nightmare. The solution is not to replace humans with machines but to augment human staff with the right tools. Digital initiatives such as Quicktext + hotelkit enable your team to automate basic time-consuming chores and focus their efforts on highly valuable tasks. 

About hotelkit: hotelkit helps hotels manage staff communications and tasks efficiently without using emails. Every hotel employee has access to hotelkit and can receive direct messages from colleages and manage his tasks through the task management tool.  more info:

About Quicktext:  Quicktext leverages instant messaging and artificial intelligence at all stages of your customers’ journey to automatically offer instant personalized service to your guests, engage them in your direct sales process and acquire actionable CRM data. More info:

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