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Precise hotels group manages 15 outstanding properties in Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland, providing the best from the luxury hotel segment with tremendous value to their guests.

Set against the backdrop of the most stunning natural landscapes, Precise Resorts are an oasis, a center of well being and indulgence for couples and families. 

PRECISE TALES – LEGENDARY LUXURY The exclusive Precise Tales collection of 5-star hotels allows guests to relax, unwind and getaway in style, far from the madding crowd. 

PRECISE HOUSES – BUSINESS MEETS LEISURE Precise Houses is a fresh and innovative brand of 4-star urban properties that combines stylish design and approachable service at affordable rates.

We had the pleasure to talk with Julia Rieke, chief of staff to the CEO, about the group recent implementation of Velma, the hospitality AI SuperApp from Quicktext

Can you tell us about your decision to select and deploy Velma? 

“It was a recommendation from someone we trusted in the field of hotel tech, and last year at ITB Berlin we met with Benjamin (Quicktext cofounder) and things went from there…

We wanted a solution enabling us to reliably automate part of our contact center operation, improving time to answer and the quality of communication 24/7…

Our resort guests are asking millions of questions about so many different topics that it is a daily challenge to answer them all in a timely and satisfactory manner..  With the implementation of Quicktext AI solutions we are upping our quality of service and we get insightful and actionable feedback to improve our services…

Does Quicktext meet your business needs?  

“Yes our contact center objectives are met and we think we can do better in terms of volume of conversations from our websites but also from other channels such as Facebook and Whatsapp that are used by our guests during their stay.

The next step is to go A/B testing on the design of the chat feature to benefit both our branding and generate direct bookings…

Do you get a good return on your investment?  

Velma handled over 100 conversations per day at the start…In the first three months of 2023, based on our dashboard, we generated € 640 000 worth of booking requests representing close to 3 500 overnight stays coming from 5 000 client conversations. We need to improve the volume of conversations  and be more creative about applying  AI to all our channels  to meet revenue objectives in 2024. We are expecting the Quicktext team to go the extra mile and  help us achieve these goals.

On a scale from 0 to 10 what is your Overall Satisfaction with Quicktext?

My own overall satisfaction is high and the rest of our team think that we have just scratched the surface with Quicktext…

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