World of Hyatt’s Inclusive Collection successfully launched Quicktext AI and Big Data for Elevated Guest Booking Journey

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Quicktext is honored to announce a new partnership with World of Hyatt’s Inclusive Collection.

World of Hyatt’s Inclusive Collection selected Quicktext to offer guests the ability to communicate in real time, enhancing their stay and providing the highest level of service they have come to know and expect.

Quicktext enables guests to seamlessly interact with World of Hyatt’s Inclusive Collection brands in real-time through web chat, and the conversational features of instant messaging and social platforms. Guest interactions are automated thanks to Velma virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence and structured data. Complex requests are fast-tracked to the right agent at World of Hyatt’s Inclusive Collection to ensure best-in-class service is conveyed throughout the guest’s booking journey.

Partnership benefits

Some of the main benefits include:

–        Improve customer service. Velma the hotel virtual assistant is able to clear customers’ doubts instantly on more than 200 topics in multiple languages 24/7. Velma helps reduce the risk of waiting time due to call center saturation by offering guests a simple and fast option to get precise information at all stages of the customer journey.

–        Increase direct bookings. Velma virtual assistant leverages the data shared by each customer to offer the best deals for their stay thanks to a direct connection with World of Hyatt’s Inclusive Collection booking engine. Leads that do not convert receive personalized guidance from the World of Hyatt’s Inclusive Collection reservation team.

–        Optimize staff workload through automation of recurring requests. World of Hyatt’s Inclusive Collection is able to streamline frequent incoming requests and focus on more complex conversations where human service really makes the difference.

All seven brands within the World of Hyatt’s Inclusive Collection portfolio will leverage Quicktext technology, starting with Secrets Resorts & Spas which went live earlier this month.

The key to successful large group deployements

The key to successful large group deployments such as this one are scalability and support.

–        Quicktext developed a scalable multi-property solution based on structured data adapted to the needs of large hospitality groups.

–        Quicktext project management team is responsible and accountable for the success of every project. The missions of Quicktext team include:

  • Proactively guiding and training the hotel team every step of the way to avoid any challenge
  • Adapting the solution to the needs and peculiarities of every hotel group.
  • Ensuring fast and efficient communication between the hotel and Quicktext development team in order to quickly resolve any challenge and offer a satisfactory service.

 “Corporate hospitality groups are aware that AI is now a must have and are looking for high quality AI solutions able to accommodate their scale, specific needs and offer the necessary level of support to make their project viable” said the CEO of Quicktext, Daniel Doppler. “Quicktext specializes in delivering AI solutions at scale as demonstrated by some recent large group deals such as Ennismore and World of Hyatt’s Inclusive Collection. There is much more to come. Stay tuned!”

Quicktext was founded in 2017 by Daniel C. Doppler and Benjamin Devisme. More than 75 employees form its teams in 10 offices around the world.

More than 1400 hotels in 76 countries are already using Quicktext and its outstanding AI, Velma hotel chatbot. Quicktext is ranked number 1 in Hotel Tech Report

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