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Zafiro Hotel Group is a Spanish hotel chain managing 14 luxury hotels in highly touristic destinations in Majorca and Minorca, Spain. The group focuses on providing premium vacation experiences, with quality facilities, exceptional service and diverse dining options. 

Showcasing their  top properties : 

Maria Serra, eCommerce manager for the group, was put in charge of the selection and deployment of an innovative solution for guest communication. We ask about her choice and other questions : 

 “Frankly, the choice of Quicktext was easy: Velma is the only hotel centric AI based solution for guest communication…We looked at a lot of other products but they were all adaptations, Quicktext was the only pure player for the hospitality industry so it was the best match…”  

Can you tell us about the implementation process, was it smooth?  

“We made it smooth! We started with one hotel and a basic model of predefined answers. After a few weeks, we looked at the data and added it to the model. This process allowed us to deploy the tool in 4 months without a hitch, while  training our staff in parallel, ”  

Does Quicktext meet your business needs?  

The first point of contact with our guests is during the booking phase so we needed to greatly improve our call center operation and introduce consistency in how we handled communication.”

Before Quicktext, our agents were swamped with low value messages from people who needed fast answers to their questions but the speed and quality of our answers were inconsistent. Letting the AI chatbot identify these messages and handle them with a consistent quality of service is really improving the perception of our brand at a crucial phase in the booking cycle. It is also freeing up valuable time for our employees.  

We noticed that people have no problem interacting more with a bot when it is effective at answering their questions and from these extensive conversations we can deduct what the client really needs and that helps us close more direct bookings on the spot…  

How is support?  

“That’s also a big plus… We have a dedicated Quicktext agent that is answering questions the same day and sometimes in the same minute…”  

 Do you get a good return on your investment?  

” I would say that for every Euro invested we get 25 euros back just in terms of direct bookings.  

Velma performance in 2023:

  • Conversations managed: 33 620 
  • Leads into booking engine: 2 710 
  • Leads value: 8 186 363€ 
  • Direct booking from a conversation: 501 618 € 

Any wishes for the future of Quicktext?   

“I think we could do even better using the data collected… For example, it could help us decide when to cross-sell or upsell a reservation or it could handle questions about the destination based on the type of guests. You know that the best beach or the best restaurant serving local specialties can be different depending if it is a family or a couple asking the question…  Velma already has more information about our hotels than our own websites so I believe adding a voice feature would be a great improvement and yield even more direct bookings. ” 

On a scale from 0 to 10 what is your Overall Satisfaction with Quicktext? : 9  

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