Experience and Quicktext partnership: helping hotels capitalize on customer relationships

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The Experience and Quicktext partnership allows hoteliers to leverage the customer data captured by Experience to send targeted SMS messages to specific customer segments. With this integration, it becomes easy for hotels to put forward the right services when the customer really needs them, explains Tony Loeb, founder of the Experience solution.

For Benjamin Devisme from Quicktext, instant messaging is very useful when the customer has a need or when you have a time-sensitive message to send just before arrival or during the stay. CRM email management systems are extremely relevant when the customer is not yet traveling or when he/she is back. The emailing service of Experience and Quicktext are therefore complementary. 

About Quicktext

Quicktext is a solution that allows hotels to develop their sales and customer service through live chat on their website and the main instant messaging channels. Thanks to CRM tools such as Experience, Quicktext helps hotel owners maximize the spending of customers while improving their stay. 

Quicktext is also effective in capturing customer requests at any time during their customer journey thanks to Zalia, an intelligent Hotel chatbot able to instantly answer customers’ main questions in their language, 24/7.  More information on the official Quicktext website: https://www.quicktext.im/

About Experience

Experience is a hotel CRM that collects PMS data after booking and enriches it during customer interactions established by email. Experience allows hotels to offer customers services to enhance their stay and collect their opinions in order to feed the hotels’ quality approach and build customer loyalty by offering them the best possible stay. More information on the official Experience website: https://www.experience-hotel.com/ 

If you wish to learn more about the Experience and Quicktext partnership, or have any questions about AI in the hotel industry, visit our website or contact Benjamin Devisme

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