“Innovation in Action”: how Germany’s H-Hotels boost omni channel conversion

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H-Hotels Director of E-Commerce Christoph Peppers needed to optimize guest communication across multiple platforms.  Improving omni channel user engagement and conversion…

  • H-Hotels manages a diverse collection of hotels, including H2Hotels, H4Hotels, H+Hotels, and Hyperion Hotels, each offering a unique experience.
  • The group has a strategic presence in key cities and regions throughout Germany, 
  • H-Hotels are known for their contemporary design and modern amenities and innovative mindset when it comes to adding value to guest experience.

3 main challenges needed to be tackled  

  • Streamline data automation: by conducting faster analysis hence reducing manual workload to resolve key issues swiftly.
    • Objective: eliminating the need for 24/7 human support.

  • Boosting Direct Sales: by initiating personalized guest interactions, optimizing abandoned booking recovery through automated follow-ups and guest profile data.
    • Objective: Positive ROI so Quicktext pays for itself…

  • Centralized Customer Requests: responding to customer inquiries from diverse communication channels (Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Google Business Message) on a single platform. 
    • Objectives: quicker to answer questions and find solutions as measured by our guest satisfaction index.

Kickin the tires

During their research, Christoph Peppers evaluated Quicktext’s product 

differentiators : 

  • Timeliness of integration
  • Understanding of the hospitality industry
  • Quality of training
  • Technical and marketing support
  • Value as a strategic partner. 

It was clear that Quicktext was the best-fit solution for Christopher: 

“We chose Quicktext because, in addition to the functionality and almost 100% self-sufficient handling of guest communication, we were impressed by the focus and the vision. It’s not just about providing a chatbot; it’s about offering added value to our guests at every touch point in the communication cycle with the outcome of turning them into loyal H-Hotels.com guests.”

What is a good choice?

In the year 2023, Quicktext AI virtual assistant Velma has generated over 41,120 guest conversations for €3.5 million potential booking requests. 

Velma addressed inquiries across 1,900+ data points, covering topics like pool temperatures, babysitter fees, parking information, and electric car charging stations. 

What’s next?

“Personally, I see Quicktext as a great opportunity to expand communication with our guests on different platforms and to ensure a quick response. We plan to add more channels in the future to share information across different communication channels, encouraging users to visit the website, find what they are looking for, and convert.”

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