Quicktext hotel chatbot talks to dailypoint CRM

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dailypoint now leverages all customer data collected by Quicktext AI-powered chatbot to enrich hotel marketing campaigns. 

Why connect Quicktext to your CRM ?

Consumers expect to get instant access to the information they need. Virtual assistants enable them to get instant answers through the chat interfaces of hotel websites, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, instagram, Line…. 

AI-powered chatbots have become a necessary tool to help hotels automate the answers to the flow of repetitive customer requests that they get day and night. 

The good thing about virtual agents is that they can capture and handle data much better than human agents. So, on top of helping customers, Quicktext also collects valuable customer data + GDPR opt-in and sends it to the hotel CRM where the information will be safely stored and used to drive sales reengagement and marketing campaigns.

What kind of data is collected by Quicktext and how can it be used ?

Quicktext collects different types of customer data:

  • Contact information: name, language, email, mobile number
  • Reservation intent: desired hotel, individual or MICE, dates of stay, #adults, #kids, #infants, booking status (confirmed, pending…)
  • Customer key interests: also called “tags” these are the topics of conversations that the customer showed interest for: family, kids, spa, pets, activities…
  • GDPR opt-in: by default hoteliers can use the information collected by Quicktext to follow up on booking requests that didn’t convert. A new option enables customers to also opt-in for marketing campaigns. 

Depending on the opt-in selected, hoteliers can leverage dailypoint features to:

  • Push automated reengagement email campaigns: Customers that interacted with the chatbot but didn’t finish the booking process after a predefined amount of time can receive a personalized email with a special offer to convince them to finish their booking. 

Some hotels use re-engagement emails to promote their loyalty program and inform customers that they could join and get a discounted rate or special benefits from their first booking. This is much more interesting than a promo code as it enables the hotel to get the second opt-in that allows the hotel to add the customer profile to its marketing campaigns. 

  • Enrich emailing campaigns: The hotels that chose to ask for full GDPR opt-in at the beginning of the chat conversation can increase their qualified audience by adding the traveler profiles captured by Quicktext to segmented marketing campaigns. 

VELMA, from QUICKTEXT, collects customer information through the conversation flow. The customer data is then sent todailypoint.

Our Experience with dailypoint – Central Data Management

This integration was requested by Benjamin Niederberger, project manager at Revier Hotel Group,  an innovative boutique hotel chain  based in Switzerland. In the words of Benjamin: 

Quicktext AI chatbot takes over a large part of the automated communication between the hotels and our guests. We store all customer-specific information and interests in the CRM. It is essential that these two systems communicate with each other so that we also have this information in the customer profiles of guests. If a guest is interested in an offer or our restaurant, it is important that this is also noted on the profile. This way we can use our marketing in a targeted way.

dailypoint immediately embraced the idea of a collaboration with Quicktext and thanks to their support and engagement we could work together and fulfill the vision of Revier Hotel Group and we hope to be able to help many more hoteliers in the future. 

dailypoint is the leading Data Management and CRM platform for sophisticated individual hotels & hotel groups. dailypoint™ collects data from all relevant sources such as PMS, POS, website or WiFi and automatically creates a central and consolidated guest profile.

Integrated data cleansing processes generate comprehensive guest insights in 350 steps, enriched by artificial intelligence (AI). Two-way interfaces to all leading systems and an open API based on the OTA standard ensure that you can benefit from this knowledge in all areas of your hotel.

dailypoint™ 360° follows a platform approach. Hoteliers can select the modules that meet your needs and the solution can grow with you over time. The cloud-based SAAS solution consists of a total of 16 modules and is complemented by the dailypoint™ Marketplace with more than 180 solution partners, so you can use all the additional software tools you care about.

In a complex environment, dailypoint™ 360° is at the heart of information technology, helping you to profitably leverage control over your data.

If you’d like to know more about dailyPoint visit: https://www.dailypoint.com/ and contact : sales@dailypoint.net.

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