[Ultimate Guide] Top Effective Ways To Increase Your Hotel Revenue in 2023

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Every hotel wants to boost its revenue and direct bookings, but this is easier said than done, especially as markets stop and go.

In this ultimate guide, we have covered different innovative approaches: from direct bookings to hotel upselling and guest loyalty, to help you achieve fast recovery and boost your hotel’s direct sales.

Digitize the guest experience

The digitization of the user experience in the hotel industry plays a crucial role in meeting guest expectations.

Digital transformation enables hotels to offer a robust online presence, interactive mobile apps and personalized services through artificial intelligence. Hotels can collect valuable data on guest preferences, allowing them to customize offerings and services accordingly.

Digital experiences don’t remove the personal touch; on the contrary, hoteliers can meet guest requests instantly without long wait times hindering guest satisfaction and bookings.

Think beyond your business hours

Offering your customers open communication with your hotel at all hours is the way to maintain excellent customer support and not lose any booking opportunities.

With 24/7 hotel availability, your customers’ queries will be resolved immediately, helping them make quick booking decisions, resulting in shorter sales cycles and higher conversion rates.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it all yourself.  You can automate 24/7 customer support with an intelligent hotel chatbot to engage and convert your customers around the clock.

Hoteliers can also opt for a multilingual chatbot to remove any language barriers for overseas travelers, helping them reach a wider lead base.

Personalize your upselling offers

Many travelers will require additional services at some point during their hotel stay.

This gives your hotel opportunities to suggest room or service upgrades. Your upselling efforts, however, should focus on enhancing the guest experience.

Make sure to:

  • Know your guests; their preferences and needs
  • Personalize your message and offer
  • Automate upselling throughout the guest journey (booking, pre-stay…check-in)

Boost direct bookings through Hotel website

While distribution channels like OTAs help your hotel gain visibility, you need to make sure that most bookings happen on your hotel’s website.

Direct bookings reduce your commissions paid to third parties, which increases your hotel’s profit margins. 

This direct channel also creates a direct relationship with your customers, allowing you to control and personalize the guest experience and nurture guest loyalty.

Encourage customers to book directly with your hotel by offering incentives such as the best price rate, loyalty points, and more.

10 Best Practices to Boost Your Hotel Direct Bookings.

Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical aspect of any hotel’s website strategy to increase hotel visibility and attract more organic traffic.

There are some basic techniques include keyword research, improving website speed and mobile responsiveness, optimizing page titles and meta descriptions and creating high quality content.

Do you know that AI and big data allow hotels to complete with OTAs to maximise chances to appear at the top of Google Results? click here for More details about SEO for Hotels.

Optimize your hotel reviews

As customers, online reviews influence our choices and purchasing decisions. And this is especially true when choosing a hotel.

Your hotel reviews often depend on your property, but most importantly, on your guest experience. That’s why it’s essential to keep your guest satisfaction top of mind.

Happy guests mean positive reviews, which encourage repeat bookings and convince potential guests to choose your hotel.

Make sure to:

  • Publish your online reviews on your website
  • Respond to all reviews 
  • View negative reviews as opportunities for improvement

Optimize for featured snippets

When a customer Googles information about your property, does your hotel appear on position #0 or “featured snippets” to provide the answer, or is it an OTA?

Hotels that optimize for featured snippets will improve their ranking on the search results page, which increases their hotel traffic and drives their direct sales.

How to optimize for featured snippets?

  • Optimize your hotel website content
  • Use structured data
  • Add a dynamic FAQ page (powered by AI) to your hotel website to generate Google Snippets.

The Savoy Hotel is leveraging Quicktext AI-powered snippets to appear at the top of Google search results and display the hotel answer on Position #0.

Leverage Social Media

Social media can be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your hotel’s website and increasing direct bookings.

Your customers will try to reach you on your different channels: Facebook, Instagram, Live Chat…, to ask a question or voice a concern.

For hotels, this is an opportunity to be available on your customers’ favorite channels and deliver instant support that your travelers expect.

Hotels that leverage instant messaging will connect better with their customers and have a better chance at convincing them to book directly.

Velma connects with your social media channels to deliver instant support and capture bookings

Capture and leverage your customer data

Capturing guest data is about collecting as much information as possible about your customers, such as their preferences, stay dates, emails, etc. 

Such customer data is valuable for your hotel as it gives you actionable insights into their profile type, purchasing behavior, and unique preferences.

So, how can you leverage your guest data?

  • Feed your CRM
  • Enhance the guest experience with tailored messages and offers
  • Personalize your marketing and sales campaigns
  • Follow-up with customers who abandon their bookings 
  • Improve upselling and cross-selling

How to capture your customer information?

Opting for an AI solution will help your hotel gather valuable customer information from an early stage. 

Velma, our Best AI Hotel chatbot, will turn your anonymous website visitors into qualified leads by capturing their information during the booking process, enabling your hotel to execute personalized customer support and retarget hesitant customers. 

Quicktext AI will also sync with your hotel CRM to enrich your customer profile and eliminate any data silos.

Retarget abandoned bookings

Some customers who visit your website will be ready to “book now”, while others will be hesitant and won’t make their booking decision on the spot.

Your hotel’s approach is to retarget hesitant customers with a personalized, relevant follow-up to close the sale.

Luckily, using an AI chatbot for hotels like Velma, your hotel will capture actionable information about your customers, such as their names, preferences, dates of stay, phone number… to re-engage them and ensure conversion.

Following up with your customers to close the deal will increase your hotel’s conversions by a whopping 30%.

Adapt to new search behavior

Many customers will look up your hotel directly on Google. For hoteliers, this is an opportunity to appear in search results and provide valuable support during travelers’ micro-moments.

While many hotels are leveraging Google My Business to increase their visibility, few are aware of its powerful chat feature (called Google Message).

As people become more mobile, their online behavior is shifting from search to interaction.  Hotels that enable the chat feature will allow their customers to contact them in just one click from their Google Search or Google Maps listing.

Creating such a direct line with your customers is a great way to engage them and convince them to choose your hotel.

La Belle Juliette Hotel Leveraging Google My Business Chat to create a direct line
of communication with customers

Quicktext allows hotels to deliver instant support and capture direct bookings through various communication channels such as Live Chat, WhatsApp, Messenger Wechat, and now Google Business Chat.

Customer loyalty is a priority

Attracting new customers to your hotel is great, but keeping them coming back is better. 

Repeat bookings are levers to increase your occupancy rate and grow your hotel’s RevPar.

In addition, loyal guests often book directly with your hotel, which is always beneficial for your profit margins.

How to build customer loyalty? 

  • Personalize the guest experience: Suggest activities and upgrades tailored to their preferences
  • Reward loyal guests: This is a great way to exceed your customers’ expectations
  • Upgrade the guest communication during every step of the guest journey

Bonus tip: Offer customer packages during Low Demand

During periods of low demand, you can offer attractive packages that combine complementary services to maximize revenue from your travelers.
How to approach this?

First, identify your target segments and design relevant packages that match their interests. 

Second, brand hotel packages in a creative way to lure new customers and outshine the competition.

Packages examples for different guest segments:

  • Wellness Travel: use your spa and relaxation services to promote the well-being of your customers.
  • Bleisure travel: mixing business with leisure
  • Travelers with pets
  • Families traveling with kids
  • WFH: Not from home, but Work From Hotel, which is becoming a new thing in hospitality.

Enticing packages will cost your hotel little to nothing. It’s about leveraging what you already offer to create unique and memorable guest experiences.

There you have it, 10 different ways to help you increase your hotel revenue. 

Use them to your best advantage. If you are interested in learning more about how Quicktext can help you put these into practice, book a tailored DEMO, it’s free and no strings attached.

Our team of hospitality, AI, and BIG data experts are here to help you boost your hotel’s direct revenue and operational efficiency while upgrading your guest experience.

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