Charmillion Hotels and Resorts unlock AI potential with Quicktext 

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Quicktext, the hospitality AI SuperApp, based in Paris, France, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Charmillion Hotels and Resorts, a distinguished hospitality brand in Sharm El Sheikh, celebrated for its 24-year legacy of sophisticated comfort and dedication to offering an unmatched guest experience.

Charmillion Hotels and Resorts has selected Velma, Quicktext’s cutting-edge AI technology, to streamline guests’ interactions, adding value to the communication processes at every step, ensuring unparalleled service and satisfaction, and fulfilling the brand’s promise.

Velma, the AI virtual assistant for hotels globally, is based on Q-Brain+, the hybridisation of classic conversational AI and generative AI to provide multiple best-of-class AI solutions such as:

  • Optimize sales, content, and marketing (Q-Sales, Q-SEO, Q-Dynamic)
  • Structure & augment hotels’ data (Q-Data & Q-Channel)
  • Supply data for business intelligence. (Q-BI)

About Charmillion Hotels and Resorts

Charmillion Hotels and Resorts stands as an esteemed hospitality brand in Sharm El Sheikh, harboring a distinguished portfolio within Nabq Bay. This collection includes the Charmillion Club Aqua Park Sharm El Sheikh, Charmillion Club Resort Sharm El Sheikh, Charmillion Gardens Aqua Park Sharm El Sheikh, and Charmillion Sea Life Resort Sharm El Sheikh, each offering a unique slice of paradise under the Charmillion banner.

This exciting collaboration aims to revolutionize guest interaction and service delivery across Charmillion Hotels & Resorts portfolio, offering guests unparalleled convenience and personalized experiences.

About Quicktext

  • Quicktext was founded in 2017 by Daniel C. Doppler and Benjamin Devisme. 
  • In 2023, Quicktext provided more than $579 million of booking requests to its clients and was awarded as AI and big data company of the year for hospitality at the Premium Travel Awards in Shenzhen, China, as well as the International Travel Award for Innovation at the International Tourism Meeting In Paris, France.

Daniel Doppler CEO and Benjamin Devisme VP of Quicktext are available for interviews and bylines on the subjects of AI and the future of hospitality…

Today, 130 employees in 17 offices around the world : 

  • Europe (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, London, Milano, Paris, Prague)
  • America (Mexico City, Montreal, New York, Punta Cana)
  • Asia (Bangkok, Dubai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Gold Coast) 

are serving hotels in 76 countries and operating the leading AI and big data company for the hotel industry.

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